Prayer and fasting

To all dear loved ones of the Lord. Since I see that you share testimonies and experiences of fasting, I’d like to share mine that happened in 1997.

How it started. By 1997, I had already back-sliden and turned my face away from God and was living in Mangare, a mining area in the coast of Kenya, not far from Voi. I was sitting outside my mud-built house. Minding my own business and not even thinking about God. In the air, a distance from me, I heard a very clear voice speaking and it said “do you know that you are in exile”? “I shot up like an arrow and asked “what?” and the voice repeated the same words again. Instantly I knew that it was the voice of the Holy Spirit, though I had never heard His voice before. Instantly I understood that for about 3 years or so, the Lord had removed me from town life, separated me from my children and physically sent me on exile. My husband, the father of my 3 children had already walked out on us. I lived on very little and had very little. I decided to fast as in Joel 2 where it says …come back to me in weeping, mourning and fasting.. I declared a fast for 3 days to repent of my rebellion. After the 3 days of much repentance and mourning and weeping, I felt this cold, cooling wave wash over me physically and I knew that my prayers and repentance had been accepted by the Lord and I vowed from then on to live only for Jesus, to which I do to this day. After about a week or so, I decided to fast for 7 days with only 3 cups of warm water, morning, lunch and evening. I asked the Lord to re-unite me and my children, to give my husband and I and our children a home of our own and a business of our own. I also prayed that the Lord would send rain in Kenya because at this time there was a heavy drought in the coast province and much of the country and I told the Lord that I would know He was answering my prayer if I saw this and this sign. Beloved of the Lord, after the seven days of fasting reports started coming thru radio that rains were beginning, but I was not satisfied and I went back to the Lord and told him “remember…” after rains were reported for another 3 days, and I kept telling the Lord to remember, it happened in Mangare and in Voi exactly as I had asked the Lord in a period of 30 minutes, the dams, where animals in the Tsavo over-flowed breaking the banks and I was comforted to know the Lord had heard my prayers. Well, the prayers for my family were all answered, I was re-united with my children and my new husband. Later in the year 1997 the Lord sent us to live in South Africa. We have a home we call our own. Except for the business part, everything else has been answered, though my 2 sons don’t know the Lord as yet. I try and fast 1 day each week for a deeper relationship with my saviour and to grow in His ways and I have seen a lot of change and growth for my self and for the people that I pray for.

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