Pray & do not stop praying for the nation of Japan…This is just the fore runner of many woes that will come to the world…Japan is not a Christian nation.. They are Buddahist, Daoists, or Shintoists of which Shintoism is the main religion of Japan ..Many people have been lost to these false gods in the past few days…

Again pray & do not stop ….

What do YOU think?



  1. warrior daughter says:

    I would say that their are few Christian nations…By stating the words Christian nation I was saying that the majority of the people are not Christian but they cling to other gods & beliefs…

    The USA is considered a Christian nation by many including the media but do the majority of the churches teach what is in the Word of God…Many of the churches in the USA have a gospel according to works or a social gospel… Christians have forgotten their Bibles & listen to their leaders where some teach apostasy & things not in the Bible…..

    To me a Christian nation would rely on the Word of God throughout the entire nation from the government throughout the people…So if my thoughts are thus I should say there is no known Christian nation on earth but a mixure of Christians in the nation along with non-Christians….

    • alethesia dipsos says:

      Thank you so much for the response! I was simply curious to learn what your thoughts were regarding that phrase – I was not intending to harpoon you or back you into a verbal corner. Just curiosity! The main point though is not what sparked my curiosity, but what I KNEW beyond doubt – and THAT was wisely stated already by you – the importance of prayer and the encouragement you so lovingly lavished on us. Thank you again!!!
      God bless

  2. alethesia dipsos says:

    Warrior daughter,
    Hello! Thank you for the post! I think a reminder to pray is ALWAYS a great thing! Thank you for the encouragement, I am blessed to have read it.
    I became curious by your phrase, “Christian Nation”
    If I may inquire, what exactly does a “Christian Nation” consist of? And, how many are there? / which Nations meet your criteria?
    Thank you for your time and wisdom,
    God bless you.

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