Pray for spiritual leaders

I refer to the exhortation given here concerning the scandal with Ted Haggard.

By all means let us pray for spiritual leaders, but let us also pray that the Lord will empower our Christian leaders with the gift of discernment of spirits and the boldness to use it in love, so that a lot of these problems can be avoided before they blow up into big things that unsettle the faith of baby Christians.

We also need to make sure our reasons for believing are more to do with Jesus Christ himself than with his messengers. Then we will be able to stand when we experience rejection, betrayal and faithlessness from the people we might think to expect more from.

One of the characteristics of the last days will be that the “love of many will grow cold”, and that “many will betray one another” (Matthew 24). We see it in business relationships amongst Christians and in church relationships. We have to know that the reason we believe is rooted in Christ first, and only supported by other believers. If we believe because of what God is doing in and through someone else only, we are too easily picked off by the devil in times of crisis such as this.

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  1. Saint,

    Are you sure that you are in CHRIST JESUS ?

    Take this TEST by answering the following:

    A. Do you love GOD ?

    B. Do you love your neighbour ?

    C. Do you remain consistant in A & B as commitment/determination 24X7 ?

    D. Do you pray constantly and keep your relation ALIVE with our FATHER ?

    E. Do you love to remember the Holy Scriptures ?

    If your reply to the above is an HONEST ” Yes “.

    Then, still be WATCHFUL.

    Glorify GOD.

  2. Star Harrington says:

    When something like this happens – everyone has an opinion – and everyone believes their opinion is right. Right? In response to Michael’s blog regarding Ted Haggard, and why didn’t someone from the so-called apostolic/prophetic constituency reveal the problem, I just want you to know – they did. But only God would be able to raise up the one to surface this kind of sin that would be believed and recognized by facts, not just a prophetic word. And, I believe it was in God’s mercy that He did. I would just like to say in response to Ted Haggard’s statement that he has wrestled with homosexuality most of his adult life, that I am sorry for him. This speaks loudly to believers and unbelievers alike that there is no hope in Jesus, no abundant life and never any freedom from the torment of the enemy. Well, that is a big, fat lie! One can be set free – totally free from the sin that binds you. Why – on earth – do you think He died? What – on earth – do you think He died for? Read your Bible people – He came that we might have abundant life, to redeem us back into full relationship with the Father, not a life that we have to control with our own will (soul) because He knew we could never do it. And when you try to control all of life out of your soul – you may be able to sustain for awhile, but you cannot stay there, as Pastor Ted said. I just want to encourage those who read this that there is hope in the blood of Jesus Christ, and to settle for less than He died for – that is sin. The sin is not in believing Him – not in the act of sin.

  3. Thanks for taking up this issue to talk about. This is so important to talk about.

    You know, in light of just thinking about spiritual leaders of the faith and believers in the Body of Christ, I am compelled to think of how the body works…….

    In that we are the “body of Christ” I reflect on the human body. This may be a strange way of thinking about it but Ted would be like a “mouth” and when a mouth takes a punch, the body doesn’t rip the lip off. It instinctually reaches over, covers, seeks healing. The whole body feels it. We run to get an ice pack or towel to wipe up the blood. We bandage as necessary.

    I see the issue at hand similarly.

    And, Ted Haggard’s failings are also a wake up call to spiritual leaders of the faith to evaluate their own hidden issues & accountability gaps.

    Blessings, wisdom, & discernment as we all lead in the faith–


  4. Robert L. "Styles" Steele says:

    I have always had a very firm, unshakeable, and uncontestaciable faith in the Christ, Jesus. Whom has showed his very appearence to in my time of crisis last year in mid April, sat to the left of me, robed in white garmet, surrounded by the great aura of peace which brought tranquility to my being the moment I took sight of his image. Save but one thing.. his face, was but that of a blur, no matter where I moved to, no matter how much I had moved my head, body and my eyes, the blur shifted and prevented from letting his face be known. I knew then, that it was He, whom I called to from these words. “If I ever needed you more, it is now.” For those whom critique my word, read from Exodus, the time Moses was upon Mt. Sinai, pearing at the hand of God as he wrote the law for His people, as Moses had pleaded to see His face, by firm affirmation He refused, speaking “Only dead men see my face.” He had also said “As I pass you by, I shall place my hand upon your face and shield your eyes from my image.” This is when the Lord God placed His very hand upon Moses face, closing his eyes as He walked back into the gates of Heaven. But removed it just enough so Moses could see but that of the Lord God’s back. (Note: It’s also recorded that afterwords, Moses had collapsed, and after a period of time he had came down from Mt. Sinai, and his face had a glow of righteousness, and holiness about it, and the people covered him as they could not bare it.) Why I speak this? Because I am not dead, nor covered in death (as I have been tainted once more by sin, and must repent, and wash my flesh upon the sacrifice.. my acursed eyes and body listen not to my very spirit, but that.. is a personal battle I shall see comes to victory for the Lord God) And for I am not Christ-like, nor death in body, I was not able to see.

    I hope, that those who read this will know, that the old love letters to the Church, do not mean that they are dead, but must be written upon your heart, and you must live to the fullest glory your earthly mortal soul can attend, as it says “to be like Christ” while we are not the Christ, Jesus.. He said we can be like Him, so we are not perfect, we fall on the ground and stumble like newborn children, that’s life, stop doubting and casting the blame on others and yourself, just get up, wipe your tears in the blood-soaked garments of the Lamb, and ask the Holy Spirit to help you, for the very Love of God, it can be done people. We’re an army for Christ, and it’s about time we acted like it!

    God bless,
    Brother Robert L. “Styles” Steele

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