pray for me to get married

I previously had a problem with getting married, as i am from a family
with so many occultic roots. our umbilical cords are even offered as
sacrifice to the gods after our births. i realised men were running away
from me for NO REASON. Immediately i started fasting and praying to
bbreak curses, my present boyfriend changed OVERNIGHT. he told me he
didnt understand what was making him run away. that he just didnt
understand, so also my four exes, who left for NO REASON when it got to
marriage. NO WOMAN in my fathers family is currently married, even my
cousins. the only one that married ran mad.

Anyway, i know that the devil would still be fighting to win his way, so
i am going to keep praying.

Please pray for me that my marriage shall come to pass in JEsus name.
that the devils plan against my marriage will never come to pass.
Also pray, there is a woman in my fiances office, who says she wants
him, whether or not he is with me, and she keeps sending him messages
daily, begging him to give her a try. please pray that the Lord shall
find her another man who wil love her so she can leave my own man alone.
thank you all.

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