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there’s a church here in the philippines believes that if they accepted Christ already they are saved forever and obedience is not a big deal… im so shocked with this kind of doctrine. and this man is trying to win me with their doctrine, the good thing is, i am soak in God’s word, and the Holy Spirit is living in me, and the Holy Spirit tells me that instead of getting away with this man, i need to win his soul. of course nobody can beat our God! He will conquer all, and He is the best! my brothers and sisters pray for this man, and for me… he’s also in a situation now where his wife commits adultery and now pregnant, and i think that he still believes that his ex-wife is still save even though the deeds are like that. please pray for us to share the knowledge of truth from Christ. i highly appreciate your prayers.

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  1. sweet.gee says:

    thank you my brother. i’m so glad that God revealed His true message to you. what happened is, he’s still trying to win over our faith (me and my another brother whose in same faith) but unfortunately he lose, because he told to my brother that in Hebrews 10:26 about the “knowledge of truth” is the human government, he failed on that because Jesus is the truth that they never seek. but i still need your prayers for this man whose heart is hardened.

  2. Hi sweet.gee. I was with them. They call themselves bible baptists, fundamental baptists, conservative baptists and some more (not every baptist though). They have financial support networks mostly from the US. The man really needs our prayers. There are so many of them not only here in the Philippines but throughout the world.

    While I believe that they are bringing many souls to hell, I believe that God also uses them to spread the knowledge of God to many many people around the world. When a person they “have reached” had established a true relationship with the Lord, He reveals himself to him/her and the call of the Lord to come out of them applies. This happened to me and to many people I know an I praise God for that. God also used this site and the loving Christians in this site in our journey to Him.

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