Pray and fast with me for a relationship breakthrough

Pray and fast with me as i pray for restoration of my engagement with Anthony which he broke off recently. I will be praying and fasting from tomorrow believing for a miracle and a breakthrough. I pray for his forgiveness for any hurt i may have caused him. I pray for softening of his heart and filling of his heart with the love we once shared. I have faith and believe for this. Jane

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  1. Am going to do some fasting and prayer for my baby father to have a change of heart

  2. I love my baby father so bad, he has been telling me that its not working for six months. Am now a Christian and we still live in the same house but sleep separate

  3. Please pray for me to get the right and good husband this year. Thanks and my God bless you. God chose my husband .

  4. Marquis Tibbs says:

    I am praying and fasting for a stronger bond with girlfriend that I love as Christ loved the church,a very meaningful relationship for the both of us. May god the father,the son of the living god and holy spirit come into our lives as one soul.

  5. Angelette Rodriguez says:

    I will start my fasting and prayer for me and my boyfriend John tomorrow. I am praying for deliverance and a breakthrough in our relationship. I pray that God soften his heart and allow him to realize that the love we share is more powerful than the devil I allowed in my ear to deter me away from his love and question him. I pray that God puts it on his heart and that he knows that my kids and I are where he belongs and that one day we will be engaged and married and a happy family. I know that this is what God has placed John in my life for so therefore I will fight in the name of Jesus for what’s mine.


    • Vanessa Farah says:

      Hi my boyfriend broke up with me 3 weeks ago after being together for 1 year. His reasons are ridiculous. I’ve been fasting for 1 week. I’m going to keep going as long as I can for breakthrough for this area of my life. I’m 36 single never married no kids. I refuse to believe god expects me to be single all my life
      How did your fast go and did you get breakthrough

    • My boyfriend broke up with a month and a half ago. We’ve bee together for 2 and a half years. I have a son that he stepped up to be a father to when I was 7 months pregnant. He has been avoiding contact with us since the break up. I allowed the enemy to enter my spirit which caused me to argue with him every other day due the unhappiness I had within myself because of certain things that I wanted to accomplish but I became discouraged and angry. This caused him so much unhappiness because I was taking a lot out on him. We were supposed to get married in December but because I couldn’t get it together he decided to hold off. So today I’m praying that God will soften his heart enough to see the importance of continuing what we started. Also for him to see all things that made him love me from the start so that our love can be made new in Jesus name. For him for me and for my son.

  6. Yolanda says:

    I am starting my fasting and prayer tomorrow for a relationship breakthrough. My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years and are going through a lot in dealing with insecurity and pettiness. I am asking God to let His will be done and bring us back closer. I also will be praying that God leads us into engagement/marriage.

  7. i just started my prayer and fasting yesterday for my relationship breakthrough.
    my bf and i have been together for 3 years he is about to turn 26 and im 23. he recently started pulling away and i found out that he wishes to see other people and have sexual relations with them. he is someone who cant hide cheating si has said that hw will have to sacrifice one of the two things he wants. i ask that you help me pray for us because i know deep inside me that though he wants these earthly things he knows deep down i am the one he wants. i therefore pray that God opens his heart, softens it and that he remembers why we fell for one another and that he realises that there isnt much out there . im deeply hurt but i know my God is there and will provide for me

    • Glenis Goldsmith says:

      Hi Londi, want to say, so sorry to hear what has been happening in your life, and yes, you would feel deeply hurt by the actions and behaviour of your boyfriend. Just want to ask you if you know Gods Word very well – do you meditate on it daily?

  8. I’m planning to pray and fast for relationship breakthrough. I’ve never had a serious relationship before and am 23. The guys always mess up within 2months of going into the relationship.
    I’m starting my fasting and prayer tomorrow…

    • Hello i have just started my prayer and fasting today.we can pray and fast together iam prayig for God to mend my relationship and brig my boyfriend back.lets do this together and pray for each other

  9. Christine says:

    Hello everyone, am down and I have crying for a month and a half now, my fience broke off our engagement of 5 year , i have struggle to build this from poverty to riches now n I knew I was already a wife and I believe God is the reason why we met since it was through a missed call. I gave my lift to Christ 3 weeks ago and today I am praying and fasting for a breakthrough . Please brothers and sisters join me coz I believe this is my home and this is my God given husband . May the good Lord bless all of you.
    Thank you.

  10. Activechic says:

    What was the outcome for you?

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