I have some very excitting news,I wrote a book called SUICIDE SPIRIT.Well a licensed councelor contacted me and said that my book is so powerful that he is going to recommend it to several of his clients and he saw many new ways to help those out who want to take their life because the book has opened his heart and eyes to the truth about this spirit and epedemic thats happening all over now.He really believes because of the insight God has given me he really believes he will save many lives now.This means a great deal to me because I am so humbled by just how awesome God is and just how great God is.See I attempted suicide 5 times and for many years I found my life and every thing in life meaning less but sense Jesus Christ has captured my life,my life now has meaning and a purpose to it.I dont know what your going through who ever is reading this but please realize Jesus Christ loves you and his heart breaks to see you in pain but please just cry out to him because he does care about you and he does want to get to know you personalley and he wants you to know him.Thanks so much Lord Jesus Christ for calling my name to come to know you.Tim

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  1. I agree with your thoughts that God loves His children. If we cry in pain, then He also feels restless and takes us out from that problem. But only those people can realize this reality who loves and have trust on God.

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