There seems to be a trend within some sections of the charismatic community to enter through a portal to some kind of heavenly realm….

This is an extra biblical practice. As far as I know the only way for us to enter into that heavenly place is through Jesus and by His Spirit.

There is no back door to Gods throne room.. No short cut…Jesus is the way..By His cross, His blood, shed for us, we may “approach the Throne of Grace with confidence” (Heb 4:16)

If anyone may be tempted to project their spirit through some portal or other, beware, It may go the wrong way..

What do YOU think?



  1. Not all Charismatic churches are practicing crazy things! I know plenty of Baptist churches that give Baptists a bad name, and many more denominations likewise! I belong to a charismatic church where the leaders are elderly and they keep everything in order! I have seen charismatic churches on line who do WEIRD, OUTRAGIOUS things! We don’t do that at our church and so there are some charismatic churches giving others a bad rap! Its not fair to judge them as a group! It’s too bad that one bad apple spoils the whole batch!

  2. There are many people now who are seriously questioning the direction of the Charismatic movement.

    Sadly, it seems that succesive generations of false prophets have led to a distorted theology. Many claim that the current charismatic leadership are seeking to re-establish the framework of the Gospel.

    I’m afraid that what has been introduced as “The New Apostolic Reformation” is based on no less than “the doctrine of demons.” (1Ti

    The time has arrived for TRUE prophets and those with the gift of discernment to speak out.

    Who else will do it?

    It seems to be quite clear that those who stand up for biblical truth will soon be persecuted by members of the apostate church.

    Speak out if you are being led to by the Holy Spirit.

    “Unless The Lord builds the house, it’s builders labour in vain” (Ps 127:1)

    God bless,


  3. Hi there,

    I agree with you, when you start talking about portals to another realm its not from God.I have been reading about Todd Bentley’s adventurous and looking at clips on the internet, but what I do not understand is the fact how Todd does healing in Jesus name if he is not a Christian? It does look weird what he is doing, kicking people in the face, kneeing people in the gut and so on…. I cannot see Jesus walking around on earth and do healing in such a manner? Our God is a God of love not aggression!
    My other concern is that a person (Bill Johnson) who acts like a man of God supports Todd’s actions? Should he not be able to discern and set Todd straight comparing his actions and teachings to the Word of God?

    The outpouring in Florida equals the in pouring of mega funds and could be a motivator or way for satan to influence our church leaders to go astray!
    I am not here to judge, just to ask questions to whom may have some answers for me. Thank you.

    • NewZealand Christian says:

      Hey there just a few comments.
      Firstly “Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!'”
      Who are the ones who ‘practice’ lawlessness ? – not the children of God for sure … we ‘practice’ righteousness.
      From this passage Jesus shows that there are some who certainly are working miracles etc by the Holy Spirit who are either 1. Not saved or b. are saved but not following God (both of course will go into the lake of fire).
      One of the reasons I understand why this is so is because God will not withhold Himself from a person who is exercising what He loves the most … ‘FAITH’ !
      God works with what we give Him to work with and according to our faith. If a person can believe for a healing by going to a meeting and receiving it through some person then God will lead them to do just that and grant their prayer. If someone can believe for a healing over time by a x3 per day dose of bible reading/prayer after meals and a continual exercise of their own faith in God then He will meet them there too. If a person can believe for a cancer to fall off their leg on the toilet with a single word then He will be happy to do that !
      The one who is ‘exercising’ faith is the one God will meet by whatever means He is given. This is why God will work through people who may not be inside of His will – to bless the ones who are responding in faith. And this is probably what Jesus was referring to when he said “Lord, Lord – we did this and that in your name” but he had to send them away because He didn’t know them.
      Yudid.what I think the answer to your question “how Todd does healing in Jesus name if he is not a Christian?” is simple. God is greater than man and can work how he pleases. I’m not sure if Todd is a brother or not but he obviously believes for healing because the Lord has worked through him to heal.

      Another point I would like to make is regarding Smith Wigglesworth. It is recorded that he dealt with some healings in interesting ways from time to time (not frequently but a few times only as I have read). One such time he elbow dropped a dead man in the stomach who had just died from stomach cancer (on the stretcher he died while he was waiting for Smith to pray for him) and I guess literally smashed the cancer out of the mans body. When the family or whoever was holding the stretcher saw that Smith had just struck their dead friend and he was still dead they must have been getting a bit distressed ! Smith walked off and continued praying and soon after the man woke up and was well ! Another time he hit a lady in the face and she hit him back but she was healed. These are the only two times I am aware of that he did such things and I don’t know why but I am not convinced that it wasn’t at the Holy Spirits unction as Smith Wigglesworth was a man difficult to reproach. He wasn’t perfect but generally I believe the man was living in the Spirit of God. His private life was also fairly well documented as being without spot or blemish – being entirely devoted to God.
      Such things cannot be said about some of the leaders in the limelight these days as we know – and their private lives are often a source of embaressment to the body. Not saying I am perfect but then .. I’m not on stage for the whole world to see and neither would I want to be know the fleshly tendancy to desire the pre-eminence. I believe anything done ‘on stage’ in the public limelight is foolish and carnally motivated. God works with this for the reason I have discussed above but that doesn’t mean He condones it at all.

      So in pointing these things out it is my case that sometimes Gods servants do use a few strange techniques which may be legit – the fruit of it is what is important to judge.
      A good indicator of whether – a fire say – is from God, is the fruit of it. As I understand from scripture the fruit of the Spirit of God is self control ….

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