Political and Social Issues

Christians have all kinds of different political beliefs and persuasions today. Christians also adopt different views on many different social issues.

These things can be discussed, but it is not wise for anyone to insist that it is necessary to hold certain political views in order to be right with God.

In many ways, these issues are secondary to the Christian, because Jesus said, “My Kingdom is not of this world”. Many problems in the history of the church have come about when people have forgotten this, and have sought to bring the Kingdom of God into this present age through political action.
Already, there will be some Christians who disagree with this last statement. This section of the site represents my views, I cannot guarantee that they are God’s views, as my perspective is limited.

Does that mean it is totally unimportant to talk about politics and social issues? No, it does not, because God has something to say in all areas of life, including public life.

It is important to know that God is interested in upholding TRUTH and JUSTICE (but not necessarily THE AMERICAN WAY as the line goes in the Superman comics “fighting for truth, justice and the American way”). I’m sorry, but God is not an American, and just because something is American does not make it right. I think most Christians would agree, for example, that just because the Supreme Court in America says a woman has a right to kill her unborn child, and more recently, the fact that the Californian courts have ruled that banning homosexual marriages is “unconstitutional” does not mean that God approves. But the disagreements that God has with American ways don’t end there.

As Christians, we have to take sides with God even when it is unpopular. To refuse to do so is to make an idol out of something – perhaps, popularity.

I am aware that writing on politics and social issues will not win me support with all readers of this website. I can live with that. What is important is that we grow in our faithfulness to represent the mind of God in ever increasing ways, so as not to disgrace and discredit the gospel in the eyes of many thinking and reasonable people. Sadly, this has happened again and again in church history, weakening our witness in the world.

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