Please pray for my protection from envy and all kinds of sabotage

Ive been having so many plans for myself. My older sister envies. I so feel it of course we live in one house, She’s so insecure and always leaving offensive comments and facial expressions that hurt me. I am afraid, nobody else supports me in the family… I have been reaching out to her because im now a Christian but it’s really hard because i get no good, sincere response. i got everything she doesnt. i feel so unsafe here.

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  1. Ihi pearl. I am a younger sister and I have 1 older Brother and 1 older sister. Both arE geniuses and I. Am not. When I was younger I was belittled by them both quite often. I had a weight problem & my sis was skinny. And So was my brother. Through the years thiNgs seemed to go from bad to worse and when I got married they really Didn’t Care. BuT I Loved them both regardless of thingS they would say or do. Then when I became pregnant with my oldest ChiLd, my sister also becamE pregnant. This brougHt us closer and now I am thrilled that she is in my life. I. Want to know if you have ever Honestly brought up. What. You are feeling & thinking. ShE may be in deep thought and not thinking anything bad at All. Also. You really should try your best to point out her good talents. And attRibutes. And the fAct that she let’s you live with her. You really should let her know how proud you are of Her. SoMetime Jealousy may be nothing more than mis communication or feelings that she is seen as less than you. ThaT is a terrible thiNg to think and feel. My older Brother is very insecure and I would love to help him. But he ShuNS people for no reAson. I pray foR him and I hope that one Day he will turn to Jesus. I know as kids we often missread our ciblings & our parents. But honesty & longsuffering & Loving kinDness do so much for the soul. Look at her heart and see what she needs and do youR best to hElp her , You Never Know, you mAy lead her to Christ JesuS. Love your sis in ChriSt Jesus,Annette

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