Please Pray for my illness.

I have an ailment that at time appears to be leaving me but does not. Right now I am at one of my better times and I am hoping that with your prayers I could be freed finally. I understant that there are strength in numbers. I would much appreciate it. God Bless You All.

What do YOU think?



  1. fishiigoroar says:

    I will pray, n try to stay dedicated to it. I’m one of those on and off >< kinda people. Right now i've taken a chellenge to fast, in this i hope to draw nearer to God and persue a ongoing devotion to him. U will be in my prayers during this time, and for as long as i can there after >< . First time praying for someone i really don't know at all =P feels different. Hope i do not forget you and your need for healing so i can continue praying for u. One day >=) i hope your ailment is cured.

    Only recently for me have things changed in such a way thats made me more interested and keen to experience a life long devotion to God.

    Takecare ^^ God Bless.

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