Please pray for my friend

My best friend of almost 20 years suffered a nervous breakdown last week. I am not too sure about why, her husband says she has bi-polar disorder although I do not think so.Please pray for her, she has many emotional hurts to work through and I know only God can heal her heart and soul. I try to give her support, but may be I am subjective. She needs love and support so much.Please can everyone extend a prayer to her. Then I can not believe the ways in which God works. We needed stuff to repair our home, it was gonna cost a few thousand. We thought we might “pay it off”. Then one friend of mine needed support for parents who lost their job and they had a baby. The welfare wanted to take the child because they had no food in the home. I went and bought a couple of hundred rand worth of food for them. Surprise – God GAVE us tenfold the amount back in the form of a neighbour that had the materials to fix up our home. The neighbour gave it free to us.

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  1. horns4plenty says:

    In the name of Jesus I come against the demonic strongholds operating in this woman’s life and I serve notice that Jesus has heard this womans cries and they have not gone unheard. I stand in the gap for this woman and call down the mighty angels of God that He has set over us to guard the hearts of the righteous to sweep to and fro throughout this woman’s home to strike down the powers of darkness operating in this woman’s home and in this woman’s life. In Jesus name I command those spirits to go where Jesus commands you to go immediately by the authority and power of Jesus Christ. You will no longer destroy this woman’s hope or her mind. I pray right now for Jesus to set the guard to this woman’s right an to this woman’s left,to this woman’s front and this woman’s rear and that no power of darkness will be allowed access to her until she learns to stand on her own.

    Now I pray Jesus that you will send your angels of peace to begin to minister to this woman the gospel of peace. I pray Jesus that your precious Holy Spirit will begin to lead this woman in sanctification.

    Now to whomever wrote this prayer request. You need to read some of the post on spiritual warfare particularly those written by Michael, and start standing in gap for your friend. I would also recommend reading and printing the article “How can you truly know you are going to heaven? What are doctrines of demons?” and give that to your friend to read.

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