Please pray for me

Hello Brother’s and Sister’s in Christ,
I am thankful to God for all the blessings that he has sent to me and my family through his grace. I rededicated my life to Christ recently and I have to say that I feel happy about making this decision. Prior to that about a two or three months ago, I was “exploring Eastern religions” hoping that I would learn some new and valuable principles to apply to my life. However, I was blessed to have met a man who is now my brother in law who used to follow this religion. However, he found out the dangers of what he was doing and now he is a highly dedicated Christian. His testimony saved me from further pursuing this religion because he had lots of negative expereinces with it. So I stopped doing what I was doing and decided to rededicate my life completely to Christ. Since making this decision, I have been having spiritual attacks from the enemy. I am not feeling very well at the present time I have a flu that is healing but it appears to be gradual. I am praying that you will please pray for this sickness to leave my body!! Also pray that all evil will just leave me alone so that I can have a peaceful nights sleep. My sleep the night before was not so bad, but this is because I was praying in the spirit, and using the word of God so that I could sleep peacefully. I would like extra advice/suggestions on what to do to be free from oppression from the enemy. Just to also add, I threw away my astrological jewelry, and a ritual powder called vibhuti away, stopped looking at the horoscopes or anything new age. I once asked the psychics a “free queston” regarding finding a job about a year ago and things in my life after that took a dramatic turn for the worst. So your prayers, advice, support would be very much appreciated, Thank you and God Bless you all. šŸ™‚

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