Please pray for me

Hi! My name is Andrew, and if you read my other blog post, you know that I’m under demonic oppression. Due to this demonic oppression, I keep having dark, involuntary thoughts which go against God’s will and even my own, and also I fight confusion, depression, unbelief/doubt, and sometimes even anger and a hardened heart. I also live in a sinful environment, and that combined with the demonic oppression tempts me.

Please pray that I may have more love for God and people, a softened heart, and that I receive some Faith from God, since I need it so much. Please also pray He would deliver me.

Thanks in advance, and I hope God works in your life.

What do YOU think?



  1. Andrew my brother, Hand in there, I strongly recommend that you PDF or purchase the work book, call Demolishing Strongholds (God’s way to mental freedom) by Mike and Sue Dowgiewicz. at God Bless

  2. eagles_wings says:

    Hey Brother!

    Yeah man I’ve been there. I’ll be praying for you Andrew! One thing I’ve noticed with the enemy, is that if we step into the authority that the Lord has given us through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the enemy becomes terrified and quickly flees, lol. Just step into prayer with me, Lord Jesus give my brother Andrew the peace that passes all understanding to guard his heart and his mind. Father I come in Jesus name and I bind Satan’s work in Andrews life by the power of Jesus’ blood and sacrifice. I declare all curses, ties, and strongholds cut by the power of Jesus Christ. Where there was fear, let there be courage, strength and endurance, where there were lies and confusion let there be grace and Truth. Holy Spirit flood my brother with the power that comes from the Father, and the passion and the Love of God, to enable Andrew to step into the path that you’ve laid out for his future. Thank you Jesus, Amen.

    Hopefully you’re experiencing some breakthrough right now man! Remember, if you enemy throws lies at you, you can throw back Truth at him, as Jesus did when he was tempted. Declare who you are! Say, “I am a son of God, and enemy I reject your work against my life, I speak to you now and tell you to be gone in Jesus Name!” The Lord has given us authority as sons of God to take captive every thought, and every temptation and submit it to the Lord. If you have any strongholds or sin in your life that may be allowing the enemy to work through you, you can also reject that in Jesus name and accept the forgiveness and grace offered to us, that will also send the enemy packing, haha.

    Alright Brother hang in there, peace be with you! Feel free to reply, or send me an e-mail. I’m happy to listen!

    in Christ,

    • Thanks for your reply and prayers, it really means a lot.

      What I meant when I said ‘confusion’ was that there are too many things I seem to be unable to understand, even in the Bible. I do use Bible verses against demons sometimes, but they mocked me once when I did that and I was in unconfessed sin (I can hear demons, not audibly though, but I did hear a whisper when I struggled to pray which said ‘Don’t pray’), however it works most of the times.

      Praying is difficult for me, mostly because when I do it I see idolatrous/demonic images, and it seems/feels like I pray to them instead of God, so I confess it as sin and then get back to praying as much as I can with God’s help… until involuntary thoughts come and it starts again.

      Authority given by Jesus indeed has power, but I sometimes am so confused I don’t know how to use it and I need faith and a loving heart to use that authority (and pray), and demons oppressed me in those areas too.

      Sorry I started listing all these ‘methods of torment’ to you, just thought God may have given you an idea as to what I should do.


      • eagles_wings says:

        Andrew, growing up I also had some of these visions and speakings in my dreams, as well as in my conscious mind. You hit the nail right on the head so to speak when you talked about a “loving heart”. I would recommend the following. Sit down in a quiet place, and verbally, not in your mind, but verbally reject all of Satans powers working in, around, or though your life. Then, announce to the Lord that you, on your own free will, choose to abandon your heart, mind, soul, and body, all desires, all areas that you or the enemy has control over. Next, invite the Holy Spirit to take complete, administrative control of your heart, mind, body and soul, specifically use the name of Jesus Christ while you do this. Ask the Lord to bring you peace, to fill you up with the mind of Christ, and with the Love that he has to offer. I do this almost every day, because surrendering my own desires and facing the enemy is as you probably well know is a daily process. Just come before the Lord with an attitude of seeking, and the Lord will be faithful to pour out his Love upon your life. I would also recommend praying with a friend or pastor, if available. If not, that’s fine too. I’m still praying for you Andrew, through Jesus comes the Victory!

        Peace be yours in Jesus Name,


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