Please, please wise up brethren.

While half of the world are looking forward in hope to Obama delivering on his election promises, the stage is being set for the mother of all end time deceptions.

“Barack goes to church”, “Hes a Christian”, “things are looking up surely”, is the cry from the pulpits. Before we go down that road, lets de-bunk some stuff.
Barack is touted as the most powerful man on earth. President of the most powerful nation on earth. Wrong on both counts.
Barack is merely a figurehead, the real makers and shakers sit quietly behind the scenes.
Ever wondered why so many politicians break election promises?
They do not willingly commit political suicide, they are simply overruled by those who really make the decisions.
The second point is that Americas power brokers are really the European Aristocracy. Suprising but true.

Barack Obama is a churchgoer in the vein of Operah Winfrey.
That is, they claim to have a relationship with Jesus, but dont hold out that Jesus is the only way. All faiths are a legitimate path to God, in their view.

Take a look at the URI (United Religions Initiative) to see what such a homogenous faith blend looks like.

Obama real agenda is Humanism. Consider that he has been selected to man the helm at the time when it looks very likely that international capitalism will collapse.

It will be fine when you lose your personal posessions and eventually your freedom, because smiling Barack will be there to hold your hand, telling you that we can all work together to build a better future.

Look at Baracks links to community activist, Saul Alinsky to get the picture in more detail.
Alinskys book “Rules for Radicals” is dedicated to Lucifer, “The very first radical”.

This clearly indicates the nature of the alliances were are looking at here.

Jesus must be our one and only hope.

God bless,


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