Please help

As a born again christian, I try to do whats right, as Jesus would. But the thing is… I’m not perfect like He is, and I fall down time after time. It wears down my soul and causes great stress, because I sin constantly. I feel ashamed of myself and I don’t feel worthy of the Lord’s forgiveness. After that, I realize that the devil is just planting this lie in my head: that I am not worthy of God’s forgiveness and that I might as well give up. It puts me down, because I know that evil is infIuencing my thoughts, and I know I should be stronger then that. I wish I never sinned again. But I can’t seem to stop… The moment after I sin i feel such deep guilt and regret, it just weighs me down. I keep on giving in to the things of the flesh, so i just pray to the Lord that He will give me strength to lean towards the things of the Spirit. I trust in him to stand me up again.

Before I go to bed, I always have this bad feeling that i am not worthy to speak to the Lord. I feel like im letting Him down, after all He went through for me! It just kills me inside, how I can never do whats right in the sight of Jesus. Does anyone else know what this deep, never-ending guilt feels like? Jesus said to his people to repent and sin no more. To my utter grief, I cannot seem to carry out his orders.

Please, I need prayers for deliverance from sin and the ability to truly repent and turn away from them, and walk towards Jesus. Sorry for sounding so pessimistic, but I wanted to jot down my feelings. I’m just a christian that wants to do right for the Lord.

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