Philip Johnson Articles

  1. Academic Freedom · This article raises legal issues of whether an academic is even allowed to doubt evolution and teach his views without breaking the American law.
  2. Blind Watchmaker · A critique of Richard Dawkins’ ideas in his “Blind Watchmaker” and “Climbing Mount Improbable” books using the ideas of biochemist Michael Behe.
  3. Comparing Hostage Takers · Phillip E. Johnson looks at the ideas of Howard Van Till
  4. Creator Or Blind Watchmaker · Phillip E. Johnson examines the reasons why only darwinism can be scientific – once you define the rules of what constitutes true science.
  5. Darwinism · Phillip E. Johnson shows that Darwinism is the answer to the question “How must creation have occurred if we assume that God had nothing to do with it?” and not a whole lot more.
  6. Darwinism Reasoning Rules · Looking at the unfair rules Darwinist’s want to impose on all discussion of the issue at hand.
  7. Darwinists Squirm · An interview with Phillip Johnson by Citizen Magazine, in which he shows how darwinists squirm when asked tough questions.
  8. Dennett S Dangerous Idea · Review and analysis of “Darwin’s Dangerous Idea” by Daniel Dennett.
  9. Gould Replies · Johnson’s reply to Gould’s rebuttal of Darwin on Trial in Scientific American.
  10. Illiberal Education · Phillip E. Johnson shows how we are not allowed to talk about certain things at University.
  11. Is God Unconstitutional  · A look at The Established Religious Philosophy of America.
  12. Mike Bryan · An atheist checks out a Bible school. A skeptic revisits Christianity.
  13. Revolution Against Evolution · Christianity Today writes about Phillip E. Johnson.
  14. Science And Religion · Phillip Johnson looks at the issue of whether science is or should be applied materialistic philosophy.
  15. Scientific Materialism · Johnson exposes the soft underbelly of Darwinism and evolutionary dogma.
  16. The Extinction Of Darwinism · Review of Extinction: Bad Genes or Bad Luck
    by David M. Raup, (Norton 1991)

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