Personal Development in God

This category will develop to build up a resource of things that are relevant to developing ourselves in God. We acknowledge the key role of the Holy Spirit in all this. Our prayer is that these resources will be used by Him to conform us to the image of Jesus Christ, the beloved Son of God.

  1. A Definite Chief Aim · This article explains the value of a Definite Chief Aim in life for the Christian, how to get one, and why it will work for you.
  2. Confidence In God · This article talks about the importance of confidence in God, as opposed to mere confidence in self.
  3. Declaring Scripture · This articles explains why there is such power in declaring the Word of God.
  4. Power In Your Words · A defense and explanation of the Biblical teaching on the importance and power of your words.
  5. Principles Of Wisdom · Looking at what the Bible teaches on wisdom and its basic application.
  6. Prosperity And Success · A balanced yet faith inspiring teaching on prosperity according to God's will.
  7. Spirit Soul And Body · Discusses the three parts of the human being, and explains God's purpose for each. Introduction to some keys for success in life with God and warnings against abuses of the body and soul.

Personal Development in God has moved here.

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