People CAN give up a lesbian lifestyle and be Happy – Melissa’s Story

Melissa Fryrear was abused as a child and hated her femininity as a result, because she considered that being a woman made her vulnerable. She didn’t experience heterosexual attraction in her adolescence, but rather same-sex attraction.

Due to other problems in her life, she ended up coming to church, and experiencing the love of Christ though an elderly Christian couple, she received Christ as Lord and Savior. Her live-in partner did also. She testifies to the fact that within a few months the Lord led them to separate their lives. Melissa at the time of the testimony was working for Focus on the Family, a Christian organisation in the United States.

I think its important that these kind of stories be heard, because we are being assaulted by an absolute barrage of militant homosexual propaganda through the media. It is asserted that people are “born that way” but its my contention that while some people may be born with certain demonic propensities, and while others are “made that way” by things outside their control, the reality is that Jesus Christ can transform lives to conform with his Original intentions for mankind. We just have to be humble and willing to embrace truth and the Work of the Holy Spirit.

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  1. Jahda Lennie. says:

    I have a lesbian colleague. She is adorable and really appreciate her as a human being. I’ve being praying for her that God will turn her life around. Before I knew that she was lesbian , she said to me “if i tell you what I am you will hate me”.
    And I said tell me? She answered that she was a lesbian and she was born that way. I told her that, being lesbian will not stop me loving her but she should come to church. The main reason is that, if I invite her to church and keep on praying for her holy spirit will do the rest. I work in retail and have homosexual colleagues. Please when you find yourself in this type of environment trust me it’s extremely hard to share your faith. Because they find it offensive. Please how should I deal with this?

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