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i am not a frequent church going person….but i would like to urge people to be nice to people that go to church…no matter what their background is……remember that when people go to church …that;s mean they are looking for God. when we go to church …we must not look for popularity……..we don’t compare what we have ……a church is not about how you look from the outside….but in the inside…

     i always had saying FAITH IS LIKE AN UNDERWEAR.PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW WHETHER IT IS CLEAN OR DIRTY BUT IT WE OURSELVES THAT KNOWS IT. we do not need show it to the crowd by our earthly possession …because God only see’s it from the inside…to grow in christianity we must first dig our heart to the deepest…from the inside to the outside….we must change from the inside to the outside….

   remember….even the lightest of the position in a church carries a big responsibilities….we reflect what new comers see in us….enough with the acting of good people…..try to be honest…..don’t go to church for the prospect of marriage, advancement in business…don’t go for any other reasons.

    remember that you always go to church to find god and god only… not treat your pastors as celebrity, but rather treat them as a person who are use by god and respect them like that , that every work by them is allowed because God wants to show His Holiness……find God in your heart and your bible…..THE TRUTH IS IN THE BIBLE.

       i have to admit that i am in my struggle to draw closer to God….i still drinks and all the struggle spiritually…..

   i would like to invite everybody to responds to this blogs . to help and to guide people like me to answer all the spiritual warfare within ourselves.


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  1. leanobabitse says:

    fellowship with other believers is important. However, i have realised over time that people look up to other people to find God. that is why when we go to church, we are sometimes discouraged by those people who ‘play church’ ie those who may be deemed hypocrites, doing one thing in church and another outside church.
    but this is not what fellowship is about. my pastor once gave an example and said, a church is like a supermarket. you find each and everything there, however its up to the individual to put in his/her trolley what he/she wants and leave the rest on the shelves. similarly lets not be concerned with what others do or say in the church,lets accept one another,respect one another and focus on what we came for. we should be concerned with seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness..
    i agree with meekoftheworld that its all about finding God in your heart and in His word.nothing more nothing less. so although its good to look up to fellow christians, lets not be too engrossed in that and forget our ultimate goals of knowing God better.

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