Hello fellow readers, may god bless your family and goals. I was watching this movie for the first time and my heart shattered in a trillion pieces. I was hurt through out this whole movie. I spoke to my pastor about it and he told me that, that isn’t half of what they did to our precios Jesus. I have seen other Jesus movies and cried the way through them. But this movie opened my eyes a little more on how strong of a man Jesus is and how he loved us so. Even while they hammered the nails in his palms, he told our Lord to forgive them!!!!! I am so grateful that Jesus is as strong as he is.

One thing that I always tell the Lord is,” I wish I would have been living when Jesus came.” I would have been closer to him than John! I know and believe in my heart that I wouold have never have gotten enought Of our Jesus. How I wish I couold have heard his heart beat,or kiss his feet. Or even cook for him,,, i would have catered to his every need. Jesus if you are reading this, I just want to say THANK YOU for dying for me. Thank you for exsisting in my life. I am not capable of living with out your love, I am not worthy of all you have done in my life. THAN YOU JESUS, THANK YOU!!!!!!

If you have not seen this movie, I suggest you do! Bring 2 boxes of tissue paper!!! God bless and thank for reading!

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