Paganism and Occult Religions

Soon after the fall of man, people began to traffic with the fallen angels and demons rule over the affairs of this world directly or indirectly, by the consent of man. There are many who have sought power to get what they want by serving these spirits. In some cases the power is obtained through sacrifices, in other cases, through religious or magic rituals, or a combination of both.

These fallen angels, these evil spirits, are masters of deception. Their agenda is to destroy mankind, but they are limited in that they have to operate in a certain sense by the rules which God Almighty has set. Like a computer virus or trojan horse which does much destruction because it spreads well before it strikes, these beings spread their influence through various religious and occult societies, infecting mankind with all kinds of curses BEFORE destroying their subjects. Being creatures of darkness and deception, they are not honest about who they are. They have the power to manifest themselves even as angels of light, benevolent spirit guides, ascended masters or whatever form they choose to take. By gaining the trust of their subjects, they are able to use them as agents of destruction.

None of these evil spirits ever died for us to take away our sins. Their interest is not in our betterment, though they may claim to the contrary. They want to keep us from the Saviour Jesus Christ, and get us into a religion where we become our own saviours, or where we trust some false god to save us. It doesn’t matter what the exact religion is. In every case, if we die in our sins, without receiving the cleansing made available by the perfect blood sacrifice of the Son of God, we will be forever at war with God in our hearts, and forever suffer the fiery wrath of God. The evil spirits, the gods of this age, want exactly that to happen. They offer spiritual and worldly trinkets in order to deceive us and cause us to lose our eternal souls.

Pagan religions and occult practices are two of the broad classes of weapons that these fallen angels have in binding us to that which will ultimately destroy us. All forms of witchcraft – “white” or “black” come into this category. They both deny the only Saviour whose death and resurrection proves Him to be in fact the Son of God and the true Saviour of the world. All the doctrines coming from spiritism, ufo encounters, scientology, the new age movement, wicca, shamanism and a thousand other forms deny Jesus Christ and lead people into a corrupt pursuit of demonic power.

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  1. It is man who destroys mankind with pollution, war, bullying, rape, construction of roads and buildings, and money.

    There is a theory that God is the devil. According to the Bible: God destroyed cities with a Flood, God demanded the sacrifice of a child from Abraham, God impregnated the Virgin Mary, God killed and destroyed idolators.

    I do believe that God is the devil.

    Catholics also acted like demons. It was the Catholics who accused innocent women of witchcraft and burned or drowned them. It was the Catholics who murdered and tortured innocent people during the Spanish Inquisition. It was the Catholics who abducted Native children from their families to convert them to the “Catholic” culture. Catholics are agressive, self-righteous, narrow minded people who will gang up on and attack innocent people who have a different belief.

    I have Catholic “friends”. But when I started talking about withcraft, my Catholic “friends” looked at me with fear and hatred. How would they feel if I looked at them with fear and hatred because they are Catholics?

    Catholics are bigots. People who worship God are bigots.

    • Anonymous says:

      Listen my Friend Catholicism, I believe should not be classified as Christianity simply because of these things you have talk about but witchcraft will only hold you in bondage by the enemy because by practicing witchcraft you have joined a side that has lost the battle and the war. Jesus came to this world to liberate you from the things that are holding in us in spiritual captivity and the way you are talking about God is completely incorrect and is blasphemous. I’m sure in fact if you had said the same things to a Muslim about their religion that they would have done a lot worst than look at you with scornful eyes.

      The bible is a book made to help you with life and in 14 years time you will look back on your life and wonder what witchcraft has done for you. Witchcraft is satanic and if you mess up you will see your so-called master spirits attack you because you have given them your life which belongs to Christ because he died for your sins.

      Please pick up a Bible and read it carefully and understand the messages before speaking damnation unto your own life with blasphemies

      Jesus Loves you come to him before it is too late

    • Anonymous says:

      It is interesting how often Pagans complain that people of other faiths, especially Christians, bad name and accuse them in the exact way you are doing now.

      Please do not attack us then accuse us of attacking you

      God bless

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