Pagan Witch Healer Meets Jesus Christ and Repents

What can I say apart from what Jesus has done for me in my life. As I was saying I have only been a Christian for just under 3 years, before that I had been a qualified Holistic therapist who went to college for 7 years to pass various courses in reflexology, aromatherapy swedish massage, indian head massage, auricular therapy (hopi candling) which has its history in native american witchcraft and shamanisim, I was also a reiki master and also did crystal healing and also did psychic surgery too. Yes I was learning to be a shamanic healer and was also a pagan witch for many years so I have a really heavy past in the occult that Jesus has saved me from. I still have my certificates from all this courses as I have to save them to prove I’ve done courses for work related stuff for job searches, its one of the things that the UK do to prove you haven’t wasted your years doing nothing.

Well I have to admit that God had been on my case for years, so many churches had tried to get me into the christian faith but the power of the devil and also the demons wasn’t willing to leave me, I suppose that I got that used to them being there I didn’t really care about it at the time. I never really believed the power of Jesus or anything to do with religion until almost 3 years ago about Christmas time. where I was supposed to have some visitors from the group I was with at the time (occult people) but God took control a friend who was praying for me in america prayed that I would be put in a ring of fire, yes this is true as I have the full chat’s I had with them online in a chat program I used to be part off. but they prayed that God would take over and speak to me as I wouldn’t listen to anyone else. For three days it felt I was in a ring of fire that I could see in the spiritual world, yes I still see but with the Holy Spirit helping me now. Anyway everyone was kept away and I was seeing such a bright light that there is no colour to it, its that bright, no one can describe the colour around me. I couldn’t get away from it. God had got me and wasn’t going to let me go until I gae in. I said quite a lot of choice words with swearing, yes I told God what I thought of him as I wasn’t afraid of going to hell as I knew I was going to end up there anyway so I could say what I wanted. I screamed at him, swore at him and threw everything at him what I’ve gone through with my life, all the abuse, all the pain and everything and all God was saying that he loved me and wanted me to be his, this really got me so angry I just went into him more and more.

I was supposed to be having a lot of phone calls over that time no one was able to reach me on the phone, no one was able to contact me through email, no one was able to come and visit me either and my cousins husband who is also on your friends list Mark Potter was supposed to come over but God kept him away so he could speak to me and he can vouch for everything I’m saying too as he was also praying that I would leave witchcraft too. On the third day I was so exhausted by the crying I was doing and I told God if he really wanted me then he would have to show me but it would have to be serious as I wasn’t going to give up over 25 yrs of being a witch for just something that was out of the sky.

Well God proved it and I have claimed psalm 139 as my own its not David’s its mine, you should read it as its my story, in the depths you were there, so everything I had ever done in my life God saw it and witnessed it, the curses I had put on people that worked, yes I’m responsible for everything I have ever done and I wish I could take things back but I’m thankful of the forgiveness that God has shown towards me. I really thank Jesus for his saving power otherwise I would have died in witchcraft and I’m thankful that the Holy Spirit never gave up speaking to my heart as I wouldn’t be here today. so I could tell you so much but this is the shortened version and a lot of the churches in the Chesterfield area know me for my past for being a witch. When you both came to Chesterfield UK you met some of the leader who know me personally for my past and even they tried to get me to leave witchcraft but God took control and did it personally to which I thank him from the bottom of my heart this is why I’m willing to speak to anyone to get them to leave the occult as God is very real and so is Jesus, so many people don’t take the christian faith serious enough as the fight between good and evil is very real, I’ve seen both sides and I won’t allow the devil a place in my heart anymore with the help of Jesus, Amen

Lisa Pearch

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