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A Roman Catholic priest meets Jesus – the story of Richard Bennett.

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From Wicca to Christ – Kimberly Shultz shares her story.

Kathleen O.’s Story – Kathleen was formerly a radical feminist , into wicca (witchcraft), Hinduism and lots of stuff. She got miserable and quite full of despair in all this. Read about what a difference Jesus Christ made.

Saved from Drugs, Shame and Despair – A Hindu girl about to commit suicide finds a tract which brings her the knowledge of salvation through Jesus Christ.

A brokenhearted Brahmin girl receives Christ – After being disappointed in love, and having sought comfort in various sins, as well as in Hindu rituals, Saraswathy hears about Jesus and receives a brand new life.

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  1. Zarrina Cabrera says:

    I come from a long list of devout Catholics. Catholicism has been in my family for many generations, and this tradition has been passed on from my grandparents, to my parents, and then to me. I even at one point passed on that tradition to my own children. One day, I felt an uneasy feeling and I could not put my finger on it, but something just was not right. I went in the church and went to talk to the priest. I had some questions that were troubling me.

    I wanted to know why the Catholic Church has statues, and why there is an image of what is supposed to be Jesus hanging on the cross? I wanted to know why this was so because I pointed out some scripture verses to him that states we are not to bow down and worship idols. I pointed out that we are not to make any graven images. He was dumfounded, and the only response I could get from him was that it was a representation, that we are not actually bowing down and worshiping the statue itself, the statue is nothing more than a representation.

    I told him that God is a jealous God and does not want us to be bowing down to idols. I moved on to another topic, which of dietary laws as is in Leviticus. I was told that we are not under the law, that we can eat what we want. He stated that the dietary laws were for the Jews only. I posed a question to him: I said, why is it that the neither the Jews nor the Arabs/Muslims consume Pork or any unclean food?
    I believe that God wants all his children to take care of their temple and would want us all to abstain from eating unclean foods.

    I came away from that conversation with more questions than I had answers and very disillusioned. I felt that all I was being taught at that point was a lie. Furthermore, when I said to the Priest why should I confess to him when he is fallible just like me, he could not answer! That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I could no longer go to church.
    For a long time I did not even go to church b/c I had nowhere to go. I was so brainwashed and conditioned with the ways of the Catholic Church that I did not know what to do.

    My whole life was about Hail Mary, Our Father, Kneeling Down in Church, Holy Water, Lighting Candles to Saints, and let’s not forget about Lent and Easter! I felt like my whole life was a lie. I was so heart broken when I finally learned the truth. The truth did not come to me overnight, God fed me little by little. He knew that it was a shock to my system and I was very resistant at first so I believe that he left me alone and then came back to try again.

    The beauty with God is that he is long-suffering and patient. He is very loving and he loved me so much that he was patient enough with me to give me the opportunity to come into the understanding. I prayed one day to God that he would show me to a good church, a bible teaching church where I could learn the truth. I must have passed this particular church that I ended up going to about a thousand times. But this time was different, I decided to go in.

    I had my oldest daughter with me at the time b/c I was a bit of a coward and I did not want to go alone. I was not used to the environment of any other church but the Catholic Church so when I entered in and I say people catching the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues and praising God with their hands in the air, I freaked out! My daughter was scared to death.
    A man grabbed me by the hand and said to me: Sister is this your first time here? I know everyone and I have never seen you before.

    I explained that I am a Catholic but became disenfranchised with the church so I was looking for another one to go to. I asked him if the singing is always so loud and why the people were screaming, shouting, and have hands up in the air. He explained that it was a form of praising! I told him that I was never used to that. In Catholic Church, it is very solemn, we pray very orderly, say the same prayer week after week and we pray songs that are like Hymns.

    I told him that I cannot deal with this, but he told me to give the church a chance and if I did not like it, that I could leave. I came back. I ended up going to another church though. It was not Catholic, but another Christian Church. The church I started going to was Bethel Christian Center.
    When they had the altar call, asking if anyone needed Jesus to come into their life I raised my hand! That was the end of the beginning 🙂

    My life changed from that point on. I began going to Bible instruction as a new believer, got taught about tithing and a lot of things from the Bible and more importantly, about rapture and end times. I never was exposed to those types of teachings in the Catholic Church. I give God so much thanks and praise in Jesus name because he saved me. I got baptized in Jan of 2006 along with my daughter and my husband.

    But let me tell you the interesting part; I was diagnosed in 2003 with Multiple Sclerosis. I felt so paranoid of the water and the temperature that I did not feel I could do it. I went through so much, I went to the bottom of the barrel and God picked me back up again. Through Jesus stripes I am healed and I keep saying that every day! The devil is a liar and he wanted me to believe that due to my circumstances I would not walk, be in a wheelchair and never have any more children.

    I am happy to tell everyone that I was on my back but now I walk, and I am the proud mother of a baby boy who was born Dec 15, 2006, the same year I was baptized. I dedicated my son to God b/c God gave him to me. I feel extremely blessed right now despite my circumstances. On August 10, 2007 my son, Josiah (boy king in the Bible) was dedicated to the Lord. I was conditioned by the Catholic Church to baptize a child as an infant.

    It was hard for me to accept the new way of living, especially since my other children were raised as Catholics, but it gets a little easier every day. I would love to hear from any former Catholics who know what I am dealing with. It is a daily struggle coming down and away from the teachings that were so firmly planted in my being. It is my prayer now that God will save the rest of my family who still believe the lie.

    If God can reach me, I am sure that he can reach them too. Nothing is impossible with God! I will keep on praying. God truly is a miraculous God because he broke the chains that bound me for years. I will never, ever pray another rosary, bow down to an idol, pray to any saint, say the Hail Mary, give Mary more praise than God! I prayed for the truth and thus the family tradition that started with generations past was broken, and it’s my hope that the family curses were broken too!

    This generation professes to love and serve the Lord our God and we pray that he will look on us with favor.
    In Jesus Name, I pray, Amen…I confess, I was once a sinner, I was once blind, but now I see…Your Sister in Christ Jesus who found out that the Catholic Church is full of man-made traditions.

    I prayed for wisdom, discernement, and God gave me more that I could ever hope for; salvation, blessings, life, and a baby boy! When God answers prayers, he is very gracious, at least with me! I was blessed in that he provide for my health, my son’s needs, my family and he continues to bless us each and everyday.

    Just a note to my fellow Christians, if you are still in the false religion of Catholicism, get out! Don’t be deceived as I was. Pray to God that he reveal his truth to you, and he will because his truth is in the pages of the Bible. Go ask the Priest to reveal the truth, but I urge you to consult with God, is light and truth. He cannot lie!

    Pray for God that through the power of the Holy Spirit that you may come to understand that Jesus is the only way to Heaven. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me” (John 14:6 NLT) not through Mary, as the Catholics teach! Don’t make the same mistake as I did, let Jesus save you. Time is of the essence and no one knows the time when Jesus will return!

    God Bless You in Jesus Name

    • Rina, I enjoyed reading your testimony and I’m so happy to hear you have come out of the Catholic System. But I do want to correct you on one point, if I may. If I read your part on the dietary laws correctly, you said that God wants us to “take care of our temples and would want all of us to sustain from eating unclean foods” which I’m assuming you mean the foods God deemed unclean in the Old Testament. I want you to take a look at this site and see what they say about this issue (btw, the site discredits Catholicism). http://www.gotquestions.org/foods.html (are we allowed to post links to other sites here, btw?)

      I agree with their views since it’s Scriptural-based but if anyone feels I and the site are wrong, please let me know! I’m always open for learning all God’s Truths.

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