Delivered from Mormon Deception

Michael, thank you for your insight on whether or not Christians can have demons. I appreciate that there are Christians who will take my experience at face value rather than wondering if I was truly a Christian when this devil entered me. I know there is great controversy on this subject among Christian scholars but for those of us who have experienced deliverance, there is no question as to whether or not a Christian can have a demon. I was not possessed, I had full control of my decisions, but this thing was a real being, inside of me:

I was raised in a devout Mormon family and my parents and one of my 4 brothers are still active Mormons; my other 3 brothers are borderline atheists at this point. I had experienced a few times, the “witness of the holy ghost” (aka bosom burning) that is so common in Mormonism. But because of unanswered questions that troubled me so much about that faith, I went through a 10 year period of deprogramming, during which the Lord penetrated my heart with the pure, simple, beautiful message of Christianity. I gave my life to Christ early this year. I had always thought of myself as a Christian but I wasn’t reading my Bible or truly trusting God until this awakening.

A few months later (about 5 months ago now), I prayed as a typically did up until then, for this “witness of the holy ghost” as an answer to my prayers, certain decisions I needed help making. I wanted a sign from above to confirm that God was with me, that he loved me and approved of my choices. One nagging prayer was repeated – that God would reveal for me the reason why my Mormon friends and family do in fact receive the witness of the holy ghost, to confirm the divinity of the book of mormon, if in fact, it wasn’t of God at all. I didn’t yet understand that this type of prayer was unbiblical and left-over Mormonism. The spirit came, the same bosom-burning, loving/beautiful feeling, beyond any explanation.

Pure love. This will sound bazaar to most but as God as my witness, after I praised and welcomed it, this very real person/spirit purposely and forcefully sexually aroused me, followed by unearthly sexual pleasure.

It repeatedly lied and claimed to be God, seeking my love and worship and praise. It would grow warmer and stronger when I would praise it. For 4 days I bounced between praising it and demanding it out in the name of Jesus Christ. Although it was very convincing that it had to be God, I knew that it was unbiblical, as it clearly did not wish for me to read my bible or take care of my responsibilities – it simply wanted me to be alone, put my head back and commune with it as it moved through me in an almost tangible way, over and over. When I finally decided to completely ignore it altogether and solely focus my thoughts on Jesus, it left in a dramatic way, causing me to cough violently. As it left, I felt light (it had made me feel slow and heavy) and scriptural knowledge was poured into me quickly “of course that was not me, but the God of the Book of Mormon, who you ask for.

It is gone and has no legal right to return to you, I am with you. Do not seek signs or feelings because they are deceiving, my love for you is confirmed in the scriptures and my Word is sufficient. Testify of this devil to the Mormons that you know”.

I know that there are many Christian scholars who teach that what I experienced as a Christian is impossible. But it happened. I don’t know if a Christian who had not been involved in the occult could have a devil enter them or not. My Lord never abandoned me, I invited this deceptive angel of
light and God, in his glory, used this awful, invasive experience to give me my answer, the testimony that satan is leading Mormons into Hell and
they need us to witness to them.

Satan is real, he is crafty and can appear more beautiful than any earthly person. He is a liar and I can’t emphasise enough that he hates Christians and our witnessing, our coming to the light and sharing it with others. It is a very personal war and he tells us that we are insignificant but in truth, our testimonies are a terrific threat to the devil. Don’t keep quiet!

In Jesus,

Roxanne Johns
Email: rjohns_1116 [email protected]

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  1. Adrienne Hurt says:

    I am faced with a very big dilemma. My boyfriend who I love dearly is Mormon. It is now to the point where we either break up or disappoint our families. I am scared for him because isn’t a Christian. I don’t want him to not be in Heaven when he leaves this earth. I try to make him see that his religion is not Christian. How do I make him see???

    • Adrienne,

      I understand the fear you must have over this situation. Each of us have loved ones who are either unbelievers or are part of a Christian cult. My aunt is Catholic and I am waiting for the opportunity to witness to her. One important thing I’ve been learning on my Christian journey is that it was God that chose His elect people, we didn’t choose Him. He gave grace to who He pleased, had mercy on who He chose to have mercy, etc. The Bible says that God ‘knew’ us (His elect) before the foundation of the world and called us to Him. It was by His grace that we drew to Him. If someone doesn’t believe in God (or doesn’t believe in what the Bible says), it’s because God hasn’t given them that grace yet. Grace is a free gift. No godly desire, no means of our own has made us walk after, obey, and even love our Creator. All of those were given to us by God Himself so we couldn’t boast in our own efforts. Once that revelation comes to you, you’ll realize all you can do is to present them the Good News and show them the Scriptures. If someone believes it, you’ll know they are one of God’s called. Of course it could also mean that God hasn’t given the person that grace yet. Continue to have faith FOR your boyfriend because God uses that to give grace to our loved ones. I hope this has helped a bit! I always assumed that it us that finds God but He saved/called us before we were even put on this earth. It really makes me fear God even more than I did and feel blessed that He called me because I don’t deserve it over anyone else. It was nothing I did.

      “Lord, I pray that you give Adrienne this revelation if she doesn’t yet understand it. Open her eyes and show her that she did what she could by presenting her boyfriend the gospel, and that now it’s both up to her faith and prayers and your gift of grace to open his eyes. Lord, give YOUR faith to Adrienne so that she can use Your faith for her boyfriend. I pray for these things in Jesus’ name, Amen.

      Adrienne, I highly recommend this site to help you along on your journey. It has EXCELLENT Bible Studies that have really helped strengthen my faith these past couple weeks. The studies present lots and lots of Scripture on a bunch of different topics that are really going to open your eyes. May God give you ears to hear and eyes to see!! 🙂

    • There is a good testimony on this site of a similar relationship. It had a lovely ending because the lady would not compromise her love for God with something she knew was false so she was ready to nip it right at the bud. The non-practicing Mormon quickly took stock of the lady’s testimony her words were, ” I am not going to be unequally yoked with an unbeliever”. May the Lord grant you wisdom and the grace to choose the right path and make the right decision!

  2. When I was 19 I was a Mormon for a little over four months. Being originally a Catholic, it didn’t take me long to see all the baloney and I left. I have learned a great deal though this website on Mormons also. I too have a story of deliverance and one day I will write a final version so I don’t have to keep on writing it. My message is to avoid the occult at all costs. Your occult list is very good on this site. I thought my capabilities were a gift from God. Wrong! Anyway, here is a letter I wrote to a friend of mine this morning telling him of what happened. Its not the whole story because it all took place in a bit less than three weeks. If anyone has any questions, please post them and I’ll be happy to answer. Here it is:

    “Well John its scary – if you can’t handle true life horror with the devil right at this moment – read this later. If you read it now – say a Hail Mary first and ask for strength and protection from Jesus and Mother Mary and demand in your mind that nothing enter your space and also ask for Archangle Michael to stand by you. Don’t panic though please – its just that before reading anything negative of that sort I think its a good idea to prepare yourself mentally and spiritually. I’m all ok now though – don’t worry.

    Not to get in to too much detail but basically, I had a deliverance (from evil) last mid-June. A deliverance, if you don’t know, is when you’re being oppressed but still have some control but unfortunately a distinct awareness of a horrible very dark presence(s), an excorcism is for people who are actually possessed and have no control over their body.

    It happened to me because over the last few years I had developed some psychic ability and started delving into the occult through tarot readings, psychic readings, aura cleansings, a psychic healing class,and worst of all – meditation where a malevolent entity came to me. A chain of events took me innocently downhill fast. I was on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder doing henna body art. A guy came up to me and talked me into getting a tarot card reading (those are to be avoided per Christian faith as you know.). Well he told me I had an alien implant in my aura. Hello? I didn’t know whether to believe him or not so after worrying enough and wanting to find out more I ended up at a psychic center to get an aura cleansing which they offer free once a week. After I got it I felt so wonderful I decided that with my psychic abilities (I could see auras and feel spirits – that’s all) I wanted to be a psychic healer too – to help God. I thought it was all good in the name of helping God. That was my mission in life – to help God heal. Looking back on the way I felt after that – little did I know that during the aura cleansing something entered me disguising itself as something good. So, I went on like that for a few weeks then decided to take a psychic healing class myself. When I did, we were to ask our ‘healing masters’ to enter our hands. Well when the time came to practice on another student, I felt an energy enter my whole body enough to rock me a bit. That was a Saturday. Meanwhile, I had been reading Paramahansa Yogananda’s book (a yogi who preached Hari Krishna and Jesus were brothers -and a LOT of false stuff) and was doing some transcendental meditation. Sunday morning I asked for his blessing (he’s dead). Monday morning I asked for a blessing from his own yogi (dead also). Tuesday morning I asked for a blessing from Archangel Michael (and that gives me goose bumps). I have a feeling this blessing angered what was in me because Tuesday I came out of my meditation with a very awful negative feeling. Couldn’t identify it but something was very very wrong and bad. Spent all night wide awake feeling really bad. Wednesday morning I had to call in sick on my temp job because I was hearing voices in my head. About two or three different ones. I walked around the mall and knew it was not me I was hearing. I decided it was time for a priest. I went to one and told him about the night before but didn’t mention the voices. He said anyway (probably knowing something was up) that I should give the Boulder exorcist a call. So I did and made an appointment the next morning to see him at 9:00. A long wait – I literally was fighting real demons in my head all day and spent all that night on my knees praying Hail Mary’s and Our Fathers and chanting Jesus’s name. At 9:00 my ex, Gary dropped me off at the Church. The priest talked to me a bit about being away from the Church and why I should never have left and why I should come back. I am so glad I am back I can’t go a mass without a tear in my eye. I sat in the front pew with Anna (an older woman) behind me who held me throughout. Father said some prayers in Latin over me and I started feeling uncomfortable. Though I was fully aware my hands went up and stiffened in front of me and I (they really) began screaming out. Over the next three and a half hours I screamed them out at the top of my lungs. My hands stiff in front of me like a pissed off witch. One I hissed out and moved like a snake, another I leaned over and my head shook faster than I would ever want to shake it myself. Another sounded like gails winds coming out of me and seemed to scream out more air than I had in me. Mother Mary and Jesus and Archangel Michael were all there with me, I could feel them, and the Holy Spirit was pushing them out too. Every time I called on Michael, my back arched as if they were being stabbed – they were. Holy oil in my forehead was very upseting to them as was holding the cross on my forehead – the priest did that constantly. Whereever the Bible would touch me they would cringe inside me. There were probably over 50 demons that screamed out of me. They just kept coming. But I have blocked it all out except for a a minute’s worth which I have recounted to you.

    Meanwhile my ex had come and two ladies in the Church convinced him to call the police which all in all was probably best cause I was probably close to a stroke or heart attack. It ended abruptly and the police told me to go to the mental health center. Red tape did not allow me to see anyone right away so I went home and Gary stayed with me. I was a train wreck. And one was still inside me. A very powerful dark one. I lost my job. A few days later, while waiting on my own calls back from a Messianic Jew psychiatrist, a therapist and a another priest I was picked up by the police who said since I didn’t see anyone I had to be taken to the hospital or go to jail. I opted for the hospital. I was then sent to a halfway house where I was voluntarily forced to stay there for two weeks under observation. One counselor believed me – if others did, they couldn’t show it. I was allowed to leave and do stuff (I bought a new car!). All the while dealing with this entity in my area.

    At home on a leave one day, I felt a strong desire to say a rosary. So I went in the back yard and said one with tears in my eyes. After I was done, I looked at the trees and the fields and the blue sky and started crying to God telling him how much I loved him. Then slowly I was leaned back in my chair by something wonderful – the Holy Spirit. My head turned gently to the side and I felt a total calm come over me. I leaned all the way back in my chair and just relaxed. It was removed. My punishment was over. I asked for a sign that it really was gone – even though I new it. Coincidentally, the priest stopped by ten minutes later passing out flyers in my neighborhood. He didn’t know I lived there. I saw him in the driveway and my jaw dropped. It was my sign.

    So now my healing mission is to spread my story – please tell it to everyone you know – at your Church and anywhere else the Holy Spirit will guide you to. There are many quotes in the Bible and from Jesus him self to STAY AWAY FROM ALL MYSTICISM. I will send them to you.

    Now and then I felt the devil come back to me to scare me because of this mission. But he cannot get me anymore. Pray for me and I’ll pray for you. Go to Church every Sunday. Take communion. Know that your purpose in life is to love God and find and practice the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit so you can have eternal life in heaven Vince. Its all true – they all exist. Say a rosary. It is one of the most peaceful prayers you will ever do.

    Gotta run – but I know you have questions – I will answer all of them and from others too. Please tell my story and may God bless you and protect you when you do. Do not be afraid of the devil – be afraid of the One who can and will destroy him. Walk with Jesus, my friend.”

    So that’s it – I could have retyped it but this should do for now I hope, Michael. If you think I should edit it before you post it, I will.

  3. Of course, Michael. The Lord intends for me to share this. I would love to read your Mormonism page and will revisit your website to find it. I do now notice a few typos but maybe you can edit those. Being the spiritual state of confusion that my parents, brothers and some friends are currently in (the clutches of a false religion), I feel honored to be free and witness to those who have no idea (like me just months ago) the forces that are at work within Mormonism. These men innocently claim to harnass the very priesthood of Christ, the Melkezedek authority and they lay their hands on the members
    and claim to bestow the actual Holy Ghost on them. They have no idea what they are dealing with in the spiritual rhealm, Michael. I knew they had a
    lot of unnecessary additions and contradictions, weird teachings, but I did assume that aside from the repelling teachings, God still used them as part
    of the body of Christ. I’m sure that, like me, people just miss or don’t fully grasp that satan can appear so beautiful and loving and lead good
    people to good fruit. I really don’t understand all of it but I do believe that Moroni was a familiar spirit or an actual angel of light, and that the
    BofM is not only the fiction of Joseph Smith’s own mind, but the actual words and tool of the great deceiver. He mocks our Lord, Michael, he claims
    to be him and he is convincing. He repeatedly lied to me claiming to be God who loved me. He whispered “agape” to me. His golden idol atop the Mormon
    temples insults Jesus Christ and I believe breaks his heart. When the devil left, it felt as if blinders had been fully removed from my spirit and suddenly it was crystal clear, that the devil is the Mormon “witness”, who I had unknowingly been worshipping, along with Jesus, my whole life. These Mormons, these Jehova’s Witnesses, who seek God in the wrong places, open themselves up to dangerous spirits, a whole world of them working together to deceive blind these poor souls. God will deliver them and we need to pray and agree together on His great mercy towards them. I had submitted my life to Jesus Christ, was faithfully praying and reading my Bible, going to
    church, emersing myself in the gospel when this devil entered me. It did have legal grounds to enter me, even though I am a Christian. My sin was repeated regularly and I invited this spirit over and over. But God did not abandon me and he kept whispering to my heart “test this feeling in light of the scriptures” – He delivered me and loves me and actually has a purpose for me. Once I submitted to him this year, he saved my husband, which I would not have believed possible only 8 months ago. This is all so miraculous to me. We do, as Christians have absolute power over evil in Jesus Christ. But we do need to exercise that power to be completely

    Thank you for your ministry.
    God be with you!

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