Out of Bad Habits

My name is Arabind Mujli.

I used to attend Sunday classes and different activities in church.

Though I was interested in church activities I committed all types of sins in my life. I used to drink heavily.

Once I fell in deep water in my drunken condition. But by the grace of God I was saved. When I realised that I was saved by the love of Jesus Christ I decided to leave all my bad habits.

By the blessing of God in the year 2002 December, I had the opportunity to go through the company of Brother Ajay and Dennis Weatherington who advised me and guided me to the Lord. They advised me that if I commit myself to Jesus Christ I can leave all my bad habits and weakness. With the commitment with Jesus Christ, I moved forward. Now I can say with great joy that I am free from all those bad activities.

Praise the Lord

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