Our Race

Inspired by Deut 7:22

We run a race, but not at our pace
We run at the pace of Our Master
He knows where we are, and what we can do
He’s looking for steady, not faster
He builds us up one notch at a time
And tries our strength each step of the way
He wants us to know we can bear the load
That He lays on us on life’s torturous way.
We often say: O Lord enough
My shoulder is frail; I can’t take it
He smiles and replies: Child I know your strength
Your shoulder is Mine, I made it.
That’s what each test or temptation does
It just proves He is right, as always
It shows us we can carry the load
And keep steady on track, till we make it.
Once we are done with another feat
He infuses us with His power
To get back on track, stay steady not slack
And keep running till that unknown hour!

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