Our God is a prayer answering God, He alone is worthy of our worship

Beloved in Christ I have a wonderful testimony to give to the glory of our Father In Heaven. Our God is good all the time . I got to know Christ at the age of 14 and at that time I didn’t know how to handle this Satan put fear in me. I was afraid I was going to be attacked by demons when I decide to pray so I therefore stopped praying, reading the bible and going to church. I was lost in the wilderness without Christ for 11 years. God used some people around to reach me but I refused to listen to them I preferred to live without God and assumed that was ok. I was into listening to profane songs like RNB. A few months ago my younger who is saved visited me and opened the testimony of Angelica about Heaven and Hell on the internet and asked me to read it . When he was leaving I promised him I was going to read it but after he left i was about to delete it when something prompted me to read it, after reading it i was full of tears and sorrow and I desired for Jesus in my life I prayed to Jesus to forgive of my sins and save me. That night when I slept I had a dream of Jesus telling me to delete all the profane songs I had on my PC but when I woke up it was difficult to do that it took me some days after reading other testimonies of people who visited hell and heaven that I was able to master courage to delete the songs. I was alone at home at the time and whilst I was deleting the songs I heard a loud bang on my door which I had locked it was as if someone was trying to enter the room with force. I started praying and the person letf, I later went outside and realised the person had forcely removed part of the door up till now no one know s who that person was. Glory be to God I have been able to delete all those songs and I have replaced them with christian songs the devil has been defeated he no longer a portion in me I now have Christ in me, I now read my bible everyday and also go to church. Now instead of listening to profane songs on the net I use the net to read more about Jesus Christ. Just recently my computer started malfunctioning so today I decided to pray to God about it and cast the demons responsible for that. I did that a few hours ago and Glory be to God the computer started working again. I KNOW JESUS HAS REMOVED THE PROBLEM IN THE COMPUTER AND ALL OTHER PROBLEMS IN MY LIFE. I WILL PROCLAIM FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO KNOW HOW GOOD OUR GOOD IS. ALL POWER, GLORY AND MIGHT BELONGS TO GOD AMEN.

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  1. AMEN! Your testimony will give glory to our Father in Heaven. Well written!

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