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I'm inspired by the very real possibility of having an online church with people that want to come together to worship God online, pray together, hear the Word of God and share many aspects of life together.

We are currently in recess with this. But for details or to express interest and stay updated via our newsletter you please go here.

While I don't think this is really an effective long term substitute for geographically local assemblies which minister to the needs of the community, I do believe that an online church can be a very powerful and helpful thing for all involved if the Holy Spirit is followed.

It can be very effective in promoting evangelism, certain kinds of fellowship, prayer and Bible study.

The internet has created a whole different kind of community which is very real and very personal.

People can be saved online, filled with the Spirit of God online, delivered from demons online, healed online, and move in the gifts of the Spirit while online. There can also be very real heart to heart sharing and powerful praying. The sharing of all kinds of multimedia presentations is also possible.

There would be times when an online expression is not enough and I think these issues need to be thought about also. But others have pioneered the way already and I look forward to learning more about how they do things.

My experience with online prayer meetings has shown me that God can touch hearts and move as people come together in the name of Jesus to call upon the name of the Lord together. Sometimes, this is more authentic and powerful than many of the traditional ways people have done this in church services.

Some people are unable to find a supportive Bible-believing Spirit-of-God-honoring church in their local area. Until that changes I think there needs to be online communities which function as church fellowships for such people. What we want is for these online communities to have ties to "offline" gatherings of people that meet together in the same home or building. Ideally, people that have fellowship initially online will be empowered to win members of their family and others in their local area to a place of obedience to Jesus Christ, so that they can meet locally as well.

As for me, any involvement I have in online church will not be a substitute for attending a local church, at least not while I am in Australia. I thank God for the local church my family and I attend here. It is a blessing to come together with people who love God and worship God in various ways together. 

Once again, if you are interested in real prayer and fellowship together, as well as strong messages that impart life and stimulate godly thinking, register your interest here. God bless you!


Michael Fackerell

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  1. barbie49701 says:

    I love the idea of your online church thanks so much letting me sign up and be blessed to check it out!!!! I am so excited Micheal I really am! Thank you so much for letting me apart of this!

  2. barbie49701 says:

    I think that this is a great idea! I was lead to this site after praying and I believe that this site was created for a reason. Great amazing things are already happening. People around the world reaching out to each other in love and kindness. Why? Because God is love. 1 John 4:8 He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love. I am looking forward to witnessing this and being apart of it. I can’t wait to learn and receive. I don’t have a local church here I go to. I spend my time studying the bible at home. Sometimes friends come over usually every Sunday morning and we sing praise songs and dig into the word. Which usually means I hold a bible study. Which means I have surrendered myself to God and asked him to extend his hand upon me and speak threw me. I pray a lot before this. However, the last week I have been pretty isolated. Just me and the 3. Anyways. Great idea! I want to be apart of this!

  3. -------------God-is-our-Fortress------------- says:

    maybe meet by SATALITE

  4. lookingforhope2011 says:

    I think this is a great idea. And our family would love to participate!

  5. Holyroller_11 says:

    Its a good thing,and another good thing is the sunday school(regardless of what day) preaching is more popular,but a sound articals of faith class with sound doctrine is needed.A friend said lately to me, preachers don’t seem to help educate its new converts anymore past salvation. Teaching what a church believes and why it believes and the benifits of pressing for deeper water with God . This is a lost treasure of the church.but the fault go passed the preacher,to many members want basketball courts,playgrounds for the kids,trunk or treat day or swimming lessons,anything but training a child of God to be a man or woman of God

    • Holyroller_11 says:

      As I said church school is very much needed,but they must have a doctrine ,articals of faith with definitions of those articals,a membership that will accept the articals and then you will have a foundation to witness and to teach others.without wavering.not only will you make stonger saints but greater witnesses and experences in the Spirit.Those who don’t agree with the articals of the church school,don’t have to join,but won’t change anything else as far as their membership on this or any other site,but the school members have to stay within the guidelines of the articals, now this is only a SUGGESTION2 from michael.

      • I agree that teaching of doctrine is really important. Its something that has been neglected in many churches, and its one reason why so many Christians are weak and sickly from a spiritual point of view.

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