On My Way

Words can’t describe the change that has occured within myself. I was so lost before, so empty, so alone. And so ungrateful and spoiled. I had all these things that many go without, and I couldn’t see it. I was searching for something, for anything, to fill this void I felt in my heart, and I had no idea why. Then one day my now mentor, wrote to me on myspace and asked me to join her youth bible study every week, and possibly her church services. And I did. I struggled with a relationship with God. I struggled with doing what was right, and believing His Word. I drifted on and off the path God had set for me. One day, I watched all these terrible and tragic events unfold in the world on the local news. A child murdered, a child kidnapped, a man killed because he was black, a robbery here, and another there. And I wondered, how can God allow all these terrible things to happen, especially to innocent children? I was very troubled with this, and went to my mentor. She then explained to me that God created us in His image, but with free will. We have the ability to decide what we do, and whether or not we give into our sinful nature and the devil’s temptations. People are the ones who cause these things to take place, not us. And I know deep in my heart, from that moment on, that she was right. Now I know my way, and I have been blessed with always feeling loved through God. And He has blessed me so much, with a wonderful husband and a healthy child to which I can raise up according to His Word, so that she may fulfill His purpose for her, and so that she will not have to feel lost as I did growing up. Even when my husband is not around, and my daughter is sound asleep, and I’m physically alone… I don’t feel alone. On the nights when life because overwhelming, and I need someone there, I can almost feel God’s arms wrap around me. God has come into my heart. I am kinder and gentler and more understanding. I want to good and am more willing to help others, even if it interferes with what I need to do. I don’t feel “burdened” anymore when someone asks for my help, and I don’t seek anything in return. I have been able to forgive people who have wronged me, and even help them. I have God in my heart, guiding all my ways, my family by my side, and a clear path in front of me. And it is all because of my Father in Heaven. Thank You Jesus! I have even decided to attend Bible College in the future. I know it is my calling to serve God, and to spread His word. That others may be full, as God has filled my heart.

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