Obama Administration Mistreating Christian and Jewish Leaders at US Border



Dear Christian friends,

I am shocked and appalled at the treatment of Rev. Andrew
Strom and his family at the Canadian border by US officials. He is a
godly minister from New Zealand and has spoken many times in the US. 
He was scheduled to speak across the nation the next few months.  Upon
arrival, he and his family were stopped and treated like criminals at
the Canadian/US border by US officials.  Please read his letter below. 
Also,  Gershon Salomon, head of the Temple Mount Faithful in
Jerusalem, was scheduled to speak the fall of 2010 across the USA.  US
officials have treated him and his wife the same way that Rev. Strom
and his family were treated.  He had to cancel and reschedule his trip
for October. He has spoken many times in the United States and has never
been treated in this manner before!

The Obama administration is allowing thousands upon thousands of illegal
aliens to enter our southern border every day but denying legal access
to Godly people who are friends of this nation. Yet, Obama is a friend
of Muslims and is in favor at building an Islamic mosque at Ground
Zero.  This is appalling!!!

Please read the following and stand up against this attack on
Christianity by the Obama Administration!!!!    Please contact your
Congressman and Senator to protest this unwarranted attack on Godly
friends of our nation.  Please express your dismay to the White House.
If we do not take a stand now, this administration will turn on
Christian leaders here in the homeland.  The American church must wake up to the grave danger we face!


Rev. Michael Edds



-by Andrew Strom.

I am very sorry to announce to those of you who were planning on

attending some of our meetings over the next month that we

have been denied entry to the USA and sadly will have to cancel

all the meetings.

My whole family were detained for over 6 hours at the US border

yesterday (the USA side), questioned, photographed, fingerprinted

like criminals – and sent back to Canada. We were told we could

not come in to preach to a series of Christian groups like this –

even though their website clearly says we CAN – and I have already

been in TWICE THIS YEAR doing exactly the same thing. They let

me in then – but no more. They even fingerprinted my 15-year-old

daughter. None of us (except our 9 and 11-year olds) can even set

foot in the USA again without going to the US Consulate and getting

special permission. We literally are now in the “criminal” class

according to US Immigration.

All this because we were invited by church groups and Christian

groups across the USA to come preach a series of meetings.

They told me to do that I have to have an “R” visa. (These take

months and months to get – often never). This is not what their

website says. New Zealand is a “visa-waiver” country and Conference

speakers are specifically allowed into the US under those rules. I

asked them, “How then can a foreign preacher who is invited by a

Christian group to the USA ever get in to preach?” They said maybe

that is OK for one or two meetings, but not for a series. So we

cannot preach in churches across the nation – even though that is

exactly what they have let me in to do before. This is the first time

I have ever been denied entry to do that very thing. And now we are

all – very evidently – “criminals”. Never to darken the door again.

My family and I naturally came home from this pretty distraught

and devastated. My daughter was crying in the car. Six hours is a

long time to be detained like that.

But, you know, at the end of the day, God is in control. I felt sure

then and I feel sure now that even though this was so distressing,

God was still speaking to us through it all. I believe He is the one

who is slamming the door shut on America right now – and doing

so in no uncertain terms. We have been praying and many others

have been praying for too long for this to have just been “man’s”

decision. I accept it as the voice of God. America is over for us.


The most likely thing is a return “Down-Under” to New Zealand and

Australia. We have been away from home now – traveling and

ministering – for 18 months. Perhaps it is time for a return to what

the explorer Pedro Fernandez de Quiros called the “Great South

Land of the Holy Spirit.”

I just want to apologize again to all those who wanted to attend

our upcoming meetings. I am very sorry, my friends. Our family

is still pretty shaken by all of this, so we would certainly appreciate

your prayers at this time.

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God bless you all.

Andrew Strom.

email: [email protected]

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