O yea world lament, o yea world repent!!!

I am a bible believing Christian and in all honesty I look forward to the promises of God in the bible with wide eyed anticipation. The thought of living in a new heavenly world governed by the principles of love and peace with our Lord Jesus (not man thank heavens) at it’s headship. How momentous and joyful that occasion will be. Imagine no division, no racism, crime, pride, greed, famine, corruption, idolatry, no rich or poor. We will all be one under the banner of His knowing leadership. Remember back in antiquity when the Israelites demanded a king from God, what happened after? Only a few kings could be recounted as those who did what was pleasing to God the rest were very much like leaders of today – self serving. The world is not without it’s problems, we have been thrown into this boiling pot of troubles, tragedies and world-wide disasters yet is the Lord not in our midst today as He was in antiquity when he saved the Israelites from the Egyptians? Was the good God not with Joseph when his own brothers threw him into a pit just because they were jealous not of his wealth but of his dreams? Jonah who ran from God and was swallowed by a great fish, was God not with him in his troubles in the whale’s belly of darkness and muck and whatever else you can imagine goes on inside a fish?
Our father in heaven has seen it all, heard it all, witnessed it all yet why does he remain ever so faithful, showering us with his love, kindness, mercy and grace? We have proven on a number of occasions that we are of little faith, unfaithful in our worship, arrogant in our thinking, puffed up with pride just because we’ve built hybrid cars and great bridges that hover over land and sea. Do we think those things are worthy of mention in the great book of man’s achievements since time immemorial? How many men, scientists, evolutionarist, technologist, philosophers do you know could have stopped the devastating impact of the earthquake in Haiti, or held back the might of the Tsunami, who among us can contain the force of a tornado or capture the vengeance of a hungry hurricane? Look at the sun, the moon they were all a part of creation yet they have never once deviated from their appointed tasks. That tree planted in your backyard, going through all the seasons of change quietly and without complaint no matter what kind of land it’s on whether it be soft and fertile or hard and rocky yet it remains steadfast holding it’s ground, it’s roots reaching deep into the depths of the earth that you have never bothered to dig. Can you remove the sun from it’s course or keep the moon tide from changing. Can you even uproot that tree with your own raw strength? We are so clever as to think we can even fashion our own religions, how conceited is the human race, we think God can be a fashion statement for our own purpose and wishful thinking.
Oh world open your eyes, don’t you see the signs and wonders in the sky, our time is up our end is nigh. God is but one. His way He has defined as His only begotten Son. Whom He has given unto us, we are his inheritance. Look into the mirror …yes, who’s looking back at you, is it the image of one person or many. Yet you are who you are when you look into the mirror flaws and all. Do we think that God does not know who He is that He needs us to define Him as the many variations that are in the world today. Oh please you wait and see. When our savior was born by the power of the Holy spirit were you there to witness it all. Then how come you say that it’s not true that it can’t be, how do you deny it all? Do you think the truth will make room for your false doctrines and ideologies just because it’s not logical, do you even know what’s going to happen to you when God takes back the breath of life from you. No you don’t know because you were not there when He fashioned you in your mother’s womb, when He formed your eyes, ears and heart did you have a say in how many beats it would take to keep you alive? O yea of little faith, wake up from your slumber. When the Lord chose his twelve did he not choose among them the devil who would betray him? Yet you deny the truth plain and simply told and spin it into a cobweb of confusion and deceit. It’s time we believed the world is divided into two. There are no options for us my friend either we want to live or die. When all has been said and done and there’s the final threshold to cross what do you believe if only given two options, do you believe in life or do you believe in death. Dying is only but a doorway to an ever after of sorts. Whether you black, white, asian, Indian, no matter your religion, how good or bad, whether you are rich or poor, bigot or not, racist, fascist, ugly or gorgeous you going to have to open that final door to the other side. Death is the great equalizer of men, much like the amazing race of life, we don’t all compete or even run at the same pace we do things along the way to cause us shame or fill our hearts with content but there comes that moment in your life when the running from the truth has to STOP. So think about it long and hard, when you and I gone my friend what do you think will stay behind, survive all the generations of the world. The truth my friend, simply and plainly told. There is but one God and He has outlived us all and if He says it is so, then who am I to oppose him, since after all I was only but born yesterday. He is the same and will remain the truth as in the past, present and future. He is the same yesterday, tomorrow and forever.
The One above has given us eyes and ears to discern and receive, the mind to deliberate and the heart to reflect one blink, one pulse, one thought and one beat at a time.

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