No Weight: a Testimony of Deliverance

The Bible Study
Every other Monday evening I attend a really great Bible study at
Generations Church. Before we go into our time of study, we fellowship,
worship and pray. Two weeks ago, I remember asking for prayer for
deliverance. I didn’t know specifically what I needed deliverance from,
but I knew I needed it. Ironically (it’s just like God to do this) part
of our Bible study that evening involved deliverance. At the study, we
went through an exercise where we each wrote down our sins on a sheet of
paper and then brought them before a large wooden cross laying on the
floor. There, we were to literally hammer the paper of our sins to the
cross. It was a very emotional and moving experience. To recognize that
our sins have been nailed to the cross.

The Prayer
This past Thursday night before going to bed, I knelt on the floor
beside my bed and started praying. As I prayed, an old friend came to
mind, so I decided to pray for him. While in prayer for my friend, I
felt a large burden of guilt and resentment about some of the things I
wish I would have said to my friend before our relationship came to an
abrupt end. The self-blame I was feeling about this was so heavy on my
heart that I cried as I prayed. I had Godly sorrow for those things left
unsaid and I felt deep remorse. Several times before I had repented,
but I guess I had never hammered God’s forgiveness from this into my own

The Deliverance
I knew I needed release and deliverance from those thoughts. I knew God
didn’t want me to continue to live in that unresolved guilt and
unforgiveness. I felt like the enemy wanted to keep weighing me down
with those thoughts and things I could no longer change. In recognizing
of this, I cried out, “Come out of me Satan, in the Name of Jesus!” and
immediately, that burden of blame and guilt was lifted off of me. I
stopped crying and went into praise from the deliverance. Then, a few
minutes later, I started crying again. But this time, it was in thanks
to God for the release. It was as if the Holy Spirit had surfaced these
thoughts so that I could receive the deliverance and know that I no
longer needed to dwell on that.

The Continuing Spirit
What continues to amaze me is that these past few days, I’ve continued
to feel deliverance from other weights and burdens. It really brings new
life to the scripture: let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes
(Ephesians 4:23). What’s also interesting to me is that just a few
nights earlier, I had woken up in the middle of the night with a
scripture in my head. I rubbed my eyes, opened my Bible and looked up
the scripture. Mark 8:33 … “Get behind Me, Satan; for you are not
setting your mind on God’s interests, but man’s.”

These past few days after deliverance have been amazing as I continue
to walk in more of the freedom that the Lord has for me! All praise,
honor and glory I give to my God in Heaven, the healer of our hearts,
minds and bodies!!! The God who delivers us from evil! I love You too
Lord, and thank You for reigning in my life!!

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  1. Praise God for what He is doing in your life. I know exactly how you feel and it is a wonderful, uplifting experience. My only thought though is to inform, or perhaps the word I should use is warn, you that Satan does not go away forever after one deliverance. In my (30 year) walk with the Lord, I have come to realize that we have an ongoing battle to fight. That does NOT mean we should be thinking about Satan too much, because that is also a trick of his, but when we feel darkness and opression in our spirits, we should tell him where to go in the name of Jesus and claim the blood of the Lamb. God bless you in your walk with the Lord. He will open more and more mysteries to you as you follow His leading.

  2. Thank you for posting that. I believe its so important that all people take similar steps. Thank God your theology did not stop you from commanding the evil power to “come out of you!” That is where a lot of Christians miss out. They assume that they have to live with it. They think it is all the “sinful nature”. We need to know that deliverance is for Christians too.

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