No Obstacle Too Great

 No Obstacle Too Great


By: Mino Pavlic




As a first time writer, especially when in words of non fiction,
I find myself assuming an even greater measure of accountability in their
structure. In one form or another, the truths, convictions and beauty found
within this powerful testimony, will only be measured by the extent of its
appreciated influence and impact upon the lives that it deeply touches. In
being able to capture and express the experiences of my life in a novel, I’ve
come to understand and accept an undeniable reality. I have truly been given a
gift, which in all of its own definitions, was not of this world.


The writing of this book, in and of itself, has been a very
painful experience! As clearly seen from its very conception, not a day has
really gone by, where I have not found myself wrestling with an unknown force,
which in some way was seeking its failure and my very destruction. I now
consider these writings to be an invaluable source of insightfulness, within an
extraordinary journey of self discovery and spiritual awakening, such as I have
never imagined, or even thought possible. As I now near its completion, having
put all the pieces together, I will once again enter the publishing arena.


My life has unquestionably played itself out within God’s
molding process in three different stages, which are clearly portrayed in
periods of testing, brokenness and divine transformations. No Obstacle Too
Great, as it was first written by me in the year 2001, was in fact, but the tip
of the iceberg. It outlined the first forty years of my life, which to a great
extent found its very existence within the pits of hell.


Make no mistake about it, there is nothing glamorous about the
first part of this story, and I make no excuses. “No Obstacle Too
Great” invites you on a riveting roller coaster ride, as it is a journey
through a life that has been nothing short of a shattered and tormented
existence. However, it’s truly what lies beyond the first part of this book
which gives God’s majestic grace its breathfulness, as it’s there that you will
witness how my life began its transformational journey, from the unimaginable
to the extraordinary.


Many today are so eager to argue over the bible’s validity, yet
themselves have never read it, and sadly as a result, their hearts continue to
remain as cold as that iceberg that sank the Titanic. As tough as it may be to
believe in the unseen or unknown, I challenge anyone who harbors a doubt, as to
the existence of God, to read this book, as it will definitely unshackle your
indifference. You can go to ten different churches, and listen to a hundred
different messages, yet nothing seems to pierce your hardened unbelief. If you
need to experience a modern day parting of the Red Sea,
believe me, it’s within the pages of this book, that you will actually find
yourself walking through it.


If there was anything I actually ever believed in with a strong
conviction, it was “bad luck”, as I’ve definitely had my share of it.
However, if you’re looking for that miracle in your life, what you’ll discover
within the pages of this book may change its direction forever, which would be
my greatest reward. The testimonies within my own night and day differences,
should in themselves be enough to convince anyone that, if you’re truly
sincere, there is a way out and it’s all about Jesus.


Believe me, at fifty-three years of age, five years ago, you
could have never convinced me! The bible was just another book to me, and the
reality of God, was the fantasy of a colorful imagination, now they are my
sustaining lifelines. Rest assured, I will never forget the crippling
impossibilities of my life, nor of God’s divine intervention within it. Only
His anointed touch could have brought deliverance and healing, to a life that
had literally been drenched in human suffering.


There was absolutely nothing within the shipwreck of my life, to
suggest my ever being a man of great insight, or that I was destined for
anything other than continued misery, within a long list of life’s endless
hardships. I have faced many obstacles throughout my life, and none of it
really mattered! As it begins to unfold itself within the pages of this book,
you’ll clearly begin to understand why!


I truly felt as though I had been deserted in the middle of a
raging sea, left all alone to defend myself within its cold unknown darkness.
With a terrifying ferociousness, each year of my life, seemed to bring its own
thundering wave of suffocating trials, which threatened to swallow me in its
darkest depth. Somehow with an unexplainable willpower, I managed to always
keep my head above water.


In unraveling the pieces of the puzzle, it has never been my
intention of laying the burden of blame at anyone’s feet. Rather my primary
objective was in exposing a very real enemy that we all share, which
unquestionably fuels itself, by its hatred towards us. No matter what you may
think, there really is an invisible spiritual battle being fought in the world
today, which in all appearances is speeding towards its final climax. Yet, so
many within their hardened unbelief fail to acknowledge, or even recognize its
very existence.


Turn on any radio or television and you’ll hear about once
beautiful cities, from around the globe that are now blanketed in total
wickedness and moral corruption. Whole nations are full of poverty, sickness
and suffering. Every week, disaster upon disaster is hammering away at
humanity, where it seems that a hope beyond hope itself is needed.


There is a presence of darkness all around us, and it’s very
real. In its simplest form it is the wickedness of Satan, as described in the
opening chapters of the bible. Once this darkness enters your life, it becomes
like an inescapable electric current. Don’t ever fool yourself; it has taken
many of us to unimaginable limits of desperation, where we have in a very real
way entered the gates of hell itself. Once there, helplessness, addictions,
madness and suicide become a frightening reality.


In addressing the delicate issues surrounding parental
abandonment and how they sadly applied within my life, I have greatly struggled
within my own interpretations. I continuously dissected them from all possible
angles, hoping that in the process, I might somehow be able to remove the
sting, of unintentional viciousness from my words. On the surface they would
appear to be very resentful and harsh in nature, yet, any opposing argument
would in itself prove to be an exercise in futility. By their own actions, my
parents have convicted themselves.


From birth I was embraced within a constant air of instability,
which bordered on a very thin line between parental abandonment and neglect,
and believe me; it existed long before I ever entered the picture. Many would
rather argue the validity of this piercing statement, than journey deep within
their own lives, to those often painful memories, which in themselves expose so
many undeniable truths.


Anyone desiring children should first be made aware of not only
the commitment necessary, but as well the responsibility surrounding such an
obligation. Sadly, for the most part, all we represented was an appearance of
assumed respectability. As far back as I can remember there simply never
existed any solid stability, direction or control within our family structure.
Correct me if I’m wrong. These governing factors could in fact be considered to
be the backbone, in building a solid family foundation. Without there being any
grounded stability, there cannot be any influential direction, and without the
influential impact of direction, you lose the authority of control.


Unfortunately, any child growing up under these circumstances
would certainly develop insecurities deep within their personalities, allowing
for the beginning stages of dysfunctional behavioral patterns to form within
their life. I could be wrong in everything said in this regard, if I was the
only “black sheep” of the family. However, my three brothers have had
their fair share of similar hardships.


It’s not often that you’ll see me with a tear in my eye, as I
don’t cry over much. Although anytime in the church today, I witness the
devastation caused by the direct neglect of abandonment, upon the innocence of
unsuspecting children, I hang my head, as I openly weep.


The first fifteen years of my life, resembled more of a
traveling circus, than it did a family, as we extensively traveled around the
world, moving from city to city, across countries and between continents. On
the surface, this to most would have appeared to be a treasured memory, when in
reality; it was nothing more than a clouded smokescreen! It set the stage to a
life full of imbalanced instability and the saddest part was, nobody really
cared. I was brought up in a world of calculated manipulations, surrounded by
cold deception. However, it was exactly the atmosphere I needed to survive the
next stage of my life.


At sixteen, I began my thirty-two year battle with chronic
alcoholism and embarked on a life of crime, prison survival, and violence that
spanned the next twenty-five years. Fourteen of those years were spent within
various prisons across Canada.
Given such a lifestyle, it was only a matter of time and at twenty-nine years
of age; I became a narcotic drug addict as well, battling that addiction for
twelve years. If such a life wasn’t enough to drive you to the brink of
insanity, fasten your seat belt, as before it could ever change its destructive
course, it first had to get worse.


In January of 1995, as a result of my addictions and
unpredictable lifestyle of sharing needles, I was officially diagnosed with the
devastating and incurable HIV infection, and told that my life expectancy would
be very short-lived. Two years later, I’m told for the first time, that my
illness was progressing into its final stages and that I was in the process of
slowly dying.


Throughout all the brutal beatings my life had taken up to this
point, by my own indifference, I had never given them a second thought.
However, if there ever were a time, that life in itself had literally lost all
it’s meaning, where I seriously considered suicide as my only option, it was
undeniably in that very moment. It clearly never was a question of turning my
life around, as the idea in itself sounded almost comical; rather in light of
everything, it was only a matter of where and how it would end, as I definitely
needed a hope beyond hope itself.



The often harsh realities surrounding crippling addictions, or
the inescapable suffering caused by a devastating and incurable illness, could
tragically be summed up as follows. When facing insurmountable obstacles
without the reality of God in our lives, it’s easy to reach a breaking point,
where everything in our daily existence becomes as meaningless and as
scattered, as leaves in the wind. It’s in moments such as these, that we have
basically given up all hope of anything positive within our lives, and in
essence boarded that speeding train, headed towards its final destination.


For some it could be a longer ride, within many twists and
turns, while for others the cement wall is over the next hill, or just beyond
the curve up ahead. I have been on this train for most of my life and have seen
the cement wall approaching many times, as you’ll read throughout this story.
Yet, within a cold indifference I refused to jump, as I welcomed a collision
that never came.



In that chilling moment, so many years ago, even if I had
somehow wanted to believe in the existence of God. Would it have really been
enough within a life of continual defeat, to ward off the spears of
discouragement that daily hammered away at me, as if fired from a machine gun?
Tell me, when you’re about to go under for the last time, how was it possible
to cling to an unknown faith? It has only been through many years of painful
reflection that I now understand one thing with a clearer appreciation.
Something far greater than anything I’ve ever known or experienced, not only
kept me afloat, but instilled within me a persistent and determined desire, to
rise above anything this world had to offer.


When you see nothing but darkness and emptiness in front of you,
and the world around you has taken that last glimmer of hope from you, where it
seems as though you’re out of options. Please don’t give up! Call upon the
mighty name of Jesus and ask for His healing touch and you won’t have to worry
about jumping from the train, believe me, in that moment of unrecognized faith;
He will enter your life and stop the train. As with anything in life, there is
a price to pay and the question you need to answer is; are you willing to go
the distance?


When God steps in with that amazing glue He calls grace, all the
once broken shattered pieces of your life, will begin the process of being put
back together to heights greater than their original state! Changes will
happen, but don’t expect them to be overnight, or without sweat. Some of my
toughest battles were fought while in the midst of God’s miraculous


No Obstacle Too Great, on its own merits is a book powerful
enough to touch the hardest of hearts. It will encourage those of no faith to
re-examine their own lives, from a different perspective. My life has never had
an encouraging expression or purpose to it. However, once you start moving in
the direction, towards the fullness of Christ, you must first begin that often
painful journey of separation from things of the world.


As all self sufficiency and pride is being removed from your
life, you’ll begin to notice a welcomed silence. It’s then that God’s Holy
Spirit can gain an unobstructed entrance and give our lives its intended
influential expression and purposeful impact. As you’ll discover, my life
really changed in a twinkling of an eye.


As the doctors’ words of an unimaginable death thundered within
my head, I had already decided that my only hope of escape would now be found
within a drug overdose. In that moment, it was almost as if time had briefly
stood still. I had actually found myself asking God for a miracle. To even make
such a request was totally out of character for me, as I had never throughout
my life embraced anything that would remotely resemble a faith or a belief.
Truthfully speaking, I was not even sure if I was ever capable of doing this,
as there never existed a hope that could have been extinguished.


I remember my feeble plea, as if it were yesterday. Big fella,
if you’re up there, I could sure use a hand right about now. It did not in
itself represent any expression of remorse or helplessness. It really did not
have a spark of sincerity to it, nor was there anything within its simplistic
ignorance, to suggest that God would even want to listen. As I softly mumbled
the words, I knew my plea would go unanswered, as what I needed went far beyond
a miracle.


Before I go any
further, Id like to share a revelation of extraordinary magnitude with you,
which no one in any form of argument, could ever deny. If somebody had came to
me ten years ago, and quoted the bible verse of Genesis chapter, 12: 2; And I will make of thee a
great nation and I will bless thee, and make thy name great,
and thou shalt be a blessing
. While trying to convince me that such a promise was
available to any of us right now, I would have sadly shook my head, while
laughing in their face. Not in a million years could you have convinced me,
that my name in any way could have ever possibly been great, unless it was on
the ten most wanted list. That I could ever be a blessing to anyone was in itself
a fantasy of a deranged mind.


However it’s now while in
reflection of the shipwreck of my existence, that these words in themselves go
beyond human expression and are deeply engraved within my heart. Each time I
read them, the indestructible nature and power of God, embraces me in a
merciful reminder, as to His amazing sovereignty. I am here you tell you,
everything that was destructive and negative within my life is now gone, like
it never existed, washed clean by the blood of Jesus. “No one but God could
make such a promise, no one but God Almighty could deliver such a promise, but
more importantly, no one but God Himself could enforce such a promise.”


Whether my plea was one of faith or total unbelief, it really
didn’t matter to God, as the essential conditions of any plea to Him were met!
Firstly the necessity of brokenness was clearly evident. Within my complete
helplessness, I had lost all confidence in myself and the world around me.
Secondly, in that moment of total despair, I had momentarily stepped into
another dimension, that is beyond the walls of this world and asked for God’s


I have now come to understand, within a blessed assurance, that
throughout all of my darkest trials, God had always been there. He was just
patiently waiting for my cry of help, which ignited that unknown spark of hope,
with a fierce and persistent determination. We may not see it right away, but
in that very moment when we cry out to an almighty God, it then becomes a
battle between unseen “Principalities.” Let me tell you, in my case
it has been a tough battle! However, I am a living testimony that when God
steps in, he will reshape any life beyond its wildest expectations.


As to the appointment of a divine calling in someone’s life! I
assure you, it is not a fabrication within a weakened mind. Throughout this
memoir, I call your attention to one clear and very noticeable distinction to
draw upon. It is one thing to be raised in a belief of God and to walk within
the principles of a Christian faith. However, it is quite another thing
altogether, to be plucked from the unimaginable depths of darkness, to become
the miraculous.


The undeniable signs and wonders, which clearly unfold
themselves within the uniqueness of my conversion, speak volumes of a predetermined
calling for deliverance. Sometimes, depending on the hardness of our hearts! We
may need a succession of thundering night and day differences, within the
storms of our lives, as God patiently tries to get our attention.


Eventually, as the cobwebs of our tortured minds begin to clear,
the curtain which separates this world from the spiritual one opens. It is then
in an awed appreciation, that we begin to grasp the significance and
responsibility of such a fearful appointment.


From that very moment, thirteen long years ago, the
manifestations of divine intervention became clearly present in my life. I went
from crippling impossibilities within paralyzing addictions, to the night and
day differences of positive changes. Amidst it all I constantly walked within
the shadows of death, as I continuously battled the hardships of the
devastating HIV infection. Understandably, many times throughout this journey,
failure had always appeared as a welcomed luxury, especially as the illness
threatened to turn out my lights, on three separate occasions. Whether I was in
search of this faith, or inadvertently running away from it, ten years had to
first pass by before I was to grasp the significance, and very reverence of
divine intervention and the role it’s played within my life. Make no mistake
about it, this supernatural, yet mystical force that in all its supremacy, as
I’ve now come to fully understand and accept it, is God on the throne. He had
never abandoned me, but instead embraced me in His merciful tenderness, and
continued by His grace to transform a life that was all but lost.

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