Night Attacks,hearing voices

Hello everyone.I have started to read the bible and pray to god for 1 month now.Before that,i was really competitive so much that i was feeling depressed when i saw someone better that me.So i started hearing J.krishnamurti who is a man that teaches peace,that we are gods etc…So I found piece,but everyone arround was looking really upset and angry on me,and they were talking to me really badly,full of anger and they were saying to me how are you like this..?So I went away from this.And after i went back to my angry,depressed me for about 5 months,I started watching on the internet from freemasony,the illuminati etc.When I was telling to my neighbours about these they were getting angry,and they said they dont believe in these things,and we had a battle.Then I learnt about satan controlling the illuminati theyr rituals,but i still couldnt believe in god.Then i told it to my friends,my neighboors,and everyone i knew about this at night i was feeling depressed,really badly i couldnt sleep,i thought something was moving etc…So after i started reading the bible,praying,i was influenced by some christians on the net,and so i started feeling better.After that i told it again to everyone,and they were telling me you are crazy dont keep going or we will have to get a phychologist,because of your craziness,this they were telling me when i talked to them about satan and night i was feeling depression,waking up suddenly,feeling that something is coming from my throat and waking up,but when i didnt talk to them about it i was all ok So,i went to my parents to stay for 10 days and so i told them about these they told me almost the same,they were angry on me…And i was feeling the same things at night.I understand they are satanist.So after all these i started hearing voices in my head that you are not with god,f*** jesus,i have lost faith,yes i love satan,go away jesus and such things all the time.I think i have lost connection with god,i am full of fear if im going to pray,like i cant stant it anymore i am bored reading the bible,I can believe for sometime about god and then these voices come and they destroy all the belief.And 3 days ago,i woke up and saw a white creature just like an allien watching me and then going away,i have also seen this thing when i was a child,and yesterday i saw something else a man,who was looking really evil but was dwarf,and then he grew up and he dissapeared,which i have also seen when i was small,also when im swimming i think i see strange creatures under the water and i feel scared that they are going to eat me,i swim fast and go somewhere i feel safe and then it stops,and it comes again and stops.Also now i try to pray god but im full of fear i feel that i dont have the same connection like i had at the start.And when i mastrubate,which i wasnt i feel really good,and im like doing it really hardcore,the same way and more nasty thoughts before i was reading and praying.I feel really nice when i say i love you google thank you google,which come from my mind without saying them.And when i thought on registering this site all these things went away i was feeling good again,but i registered.What is happening and what should i do,how can i be with the lord jesus christ,with god,how can i have the holy spirit inside me again.And also when i go to the university i feel like schizophrenic,crazy i want to do things like hit the wall with my head,i want to express the evil.I hope i get over this!!

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