Night Attacks,hearing voices

Hello everyone.I have started to read the bible and pray to god for 1 month now.Before that,i was really competitive so much that i was feeling depressed when i saw someone better that me.So i started hearing J.krishnamurti who is a man that teaches peace,that we are gods etc…So I found piece,but everyone arround was looking really upset and angry on me,and they were talking to me really badly,full of anger and they were saying to me how are you like this..?So I went away from this.And after i went back to my angry,depressed me for about 5 months,I started watching on the internet from freemasony,the illuminati etc.When I was telling to my neighbours about these they were getting angry,and they said they dont believe in these things,and we had a battle.Then I learnt about satan controlling the illuminati theyr rituals,but i still couldnt believe in god.Then i told it to my friends,my neighboors,and everyone i knew about this at night i was feeling depressed,really badly i couldnt sleep,i thought something was moving etc…So after i started reading the bible,praying,i was influenced by some christians on the net,and so i started feeling better.After that i told it again to everyone,and they were telling me you are crazy dont keep going or we will have to get a phychologist,because of your craziness,this they were telling me when i talked to them about satan and night i was feeling depression,waking up suddenly,feeling that something is coming from my throat and waking up,but when i didnt talk to them about it i was all ok So,i went to my parents to stay for 10 days and so i told them about these they told me almost the same,they were angry on me…And i was feeling the same things at night.I understand they are satanist.So after all these i started hearing voices in my head that you are not with god,f*** jesus,i have lost faith,yes i love satan,go away jesus and such things all the time.I think i have lost connection with god,i am full of fear if im going to pray,like i cant stant it anymore i am bored reading the bible,I can believe for sometime about god and then these voices come and they destroy all the belief.And 3 days ago,i woke up and saw a white creature just like an allien watching me and then going away,i have also seen this thing when i was a child,and yesterday i saw something else a man,who was looking really evil but was dwarf,and then he grew up and he dissapeared,which i have also seen when i was small,also when im swimming i think i see strange creatures under the water and i feel scared that they are going to eat me,i swim fast and go somewhere i feel safe and then it stops,and it comes again and stops.Also now i try to pray god but im full of fear i feel that i dont have the same connection like i had at the start.And when i mastrubate,which i wasnt i feel really good,and im like doing it really hardcore,the same way and more nasty thoughts before i was reading and praying.I feel really nice when i say i love you google thank you google,which come from my mind without saying them.And when i thought on registering this site all these things went away i was feeling good again,but i registered.What is happening and what should i do,how can i be with the lord jesus christ,with god,how can i have the holy spirit inside me again.And also when i go to the university i feel like schizophrenic,crazy i want to do things like hit the wall with my head,i want to express the evil.I hope i get over this!!

What do YOU think?



  1. Kaela Jackson says:

    Hi, I am dealing with the same thing! This is horrible. I’m hearing voices talk about how I can’t get back to God and that I’m evil etc etc etc. It’s very discouraging. What did you do to get through it? I don’t have any medication. The voices are so bad I can’t focus on the bible. I feel horrible

    • Eurika Clouston says:

      Hi Kaela, Spiritual attacks are common and deliverance is required. Ask God to lead you to someone who can help with this. Above all there is no name more powerful than the name of Jesus Christ. Pray every day, persevere and dont give up, because every time you pray, you are chasing the power of darkness away. Keep crying out to God and ask for deliverance. Get an audio bible, they are free from the appstore listen to Christian music and take authority over those voices in Jesus Name

      • My husband is on medication that is not working anymore after 13 years the voices are so bad that he can’t stand the night time and he has to have music playing and his ears to drown out the voices. He has been on different medications and nothing is working I don’t know what to do I have prayed over him and I’ve also put in my oil on him and I’ve also told him to pray for himself because I want him to be able no that he has all authority over his choices because they are from the enemy not from him and they’re not from God I would like some help if you could please let me know I would greatly appreciate it thank you so much.

  2. Faith is opposite to fear…when you fear have faith and overcome your fear with faith in Jesus christ

  3. Torrie Hall says:

    Omg same thing we’ll similar happened to me.
    So I’ve been stressed past days and kinda taking anger out on PEOPLE like my family and so on which I kinda regret but also due to sleep deprivation cause I have zero period so have to arrive at 6:30 am at Highschool.

    So anyway I had wierd dream where I was bothering grandmother. I didn’t care cause well she’s always mean and gossiping most of time with mom about me and I kinda liked it then I woke up cause I knocked my laptop over realizing I was almost off bed and and as soon as I laid back down I opened my eyes back quickly panicked cause I heard whispers of demonic voices.
    In Bible it says Scriptures indicating ghost don’t exist for soul goes directly to heaven or hell so these are demons for on earth we walk in valley of shadows.

    It was 4:00 am I never wake up at that time and much less can’t usually. Then anyway I heard stomping outside my door in livingroom like someone going around in circles.
    This is third time this happened but in different years.
    I’m 18 now.

    When I was 12 I saw shadow person demon.

    At 14 I woke up paralysis to pressure and heard clear whisper they will kill you. Then felt the creature run in circles. My Christian mom didn’t believe me but in reality as I read the word, A.K.A Bible I read that there will be time when faith is tested. These creatures want your soul and in beginning we are will God. When I was bad I literally felt God’s presence leave when I was almost possesed and aunt, grandmother and mom prayed it out like my eyes were black and couldn’t control self and I literally felt like all life was pointless and only felt fear so ya I don’t need SCIENTIST to prove he’s real. If your calm then god is with you or if your able to even write this. Like in Bible it talked of David who played lute for someone who had God leave them and they were very miserable.

    Just keep being with God. Living with Satanists is bad cause they will lure spirts to you. Learn prayers to defend your soul and body. Say goodnight prayers and pray over food and bless house OK. Also text me if need help

  4. Samantha Wilson says:

    Hey,I am Samantha Wilson.I think I know something Miss this voice your hearing probably is Satan,please Im telling you dont listen to him.He’s not good,God loves you.If you have seen something white it may have very well been an angel or even Jesus,Please keep trying with God.I believe I have seen these demons too.I have the ability to see them I have read I have the gift of discernment…which can be used for good even in spiritual battle.Maybe you have this too.If your saved we are family,God The Holy Father loves you.-Samantha Wilson.

  5. Where is everyone here from?!

  6. Hi Everyone,
    I have very big problem with neighbours living in my bedroom wall they disturb me with sarcastic comments when they are having another pointless arguments. I reliase that it wakes me up at night when I really want to sleep for the next day when I want to go to work or college every weekdays. Sometimes when its rainy I want to stay at home because I don’t want to walk in the rain to hackney libray so I try studying at home but it doesn’t get easier. There are a Jamaican family and they don’t go to work or college like I go.
    Thanks for listening
    What shall I Do?

  7. Years ago, I used to hear voices. The voices are so real as if someone is talking right next to me. It is like someone is right next to you keep on talking to you every now and then – yet, you can’t stop it. If you were to reply, it becomes a conversation. Sometimes it tells you to do good things, sometimes bad and causes doubt.

    When I first accepted Christ, I only asked for one thing – to be a normal person that can be in control of my life and stop all this spiritual attack nonsense. I experienced a lot in terms of spiritual attacks – be it being possessed, having a real battle in my dream (I know I was dreaming but I was not able to wake up until it was over) etc.

    Being a Christian reduced my number of spiritual encounters but it was not easy. When I was first delivered many years back, I was a luke-warm Christian. God protected me, I still hear voices every now and then, I still have spiritual attacks but on a mild basis. I was somewhat glad. So I was in my comfort zone.

    It is true that when the evil spirits left you, it will return with another 7 more evil spirits that are more powerful than the last you encountered if you do not guard yourself well. It comes every now and then to check on you – whether you are still walking with Christ or in a downward spiral mode. If you are on the latter, you will be their favourite target.

    When I had my last attack … I forgot how many years back, the attack was really really bad. So bad that I wish I were dead. I hear voices throughout the day. I can’t shut it off. I prayed hard but it disturbed my prayers. I tried to read the bible, it made me sleepy. I was so afraid that I will doze off because they will enter my dream and start attacking me. The attack was real bad that I got down my knees and beg for God to help me. I prayed for the blood of Jesus Christ to cover me and a lot more but it seemed that my prayers went no higher than the ceiling.

    I did not give up. I started to clinged on tighter to God. The more they attacked me, the more I persevere. I prayed for God to help me and told Him that I was all His and if God was willing to fight the battle with me, I am willing to fight till the end. Slowly, with God’s blessing, whatever was intended for evil, He turned it to good. I prayed to God to seal all my spiritual senses and mind, cover it with the blood of Jesus Christ and may my sense and mind be opened only to the Lord that I will only hear His voices and nothing else.

    The voice that I heard – the volume became softer and softer and after sometimes, I hear another set of voice. A voice that has been my conscience. A voice that guide me into a healthy Christian living – that has truly transformed me into who I am today.

    Being a Christian and walking with God also does not mean that you are entire safe. The stronger set of devil will attempt to attack Christians too. They also tried attacking me in my dreams. Year ago, they always win in my dream but in the recent years when such dream happened, I was glad that I was able to call out for Jesus in my dream.

    Dealing with satan is like entering into the battlefield with God. It is the battle of 2 the rulers although we know God has won long time ago.

    Keep praying and never give up. Ask God for guidance if there are some generation curses that you would need to break before really able to get through this. Ask for the Holy Spirit to teach you how to pray and perhaps repent some sins which we never thought it would be a sin.

    • Timothy Luke says:

      Thank you so much for sharing this testimony, sister.  There are many who will be encouraged by it. Please share more, as you are lead!

    • childofjesus says:

      Thank you dear friend for sharing this testimony..I’m so much encouraged to keep my walk with JESUS more faithfully..This is so mentioned in your other post that we need to guard our eye gate, mouth gate, ear gate & mind gate with the blood of Jesus to have a strong defence..Once i was praying for a victim (someone who was attacked by occultist people or in simple words people of the Enemy)..As i was praying for her & her family, I heard a voice in my mind(as it was not audible) “I will crush you like an insect”..I was filled with fear , so terrified, i did’nt know where to run..And then came a Loving voice of Jesus in my mind(as it was not audible)..”I’m your Shepherd & you are my sheep, before they strike you, they have to fight Me”..Fear left me immediately, was filled with His warmth & assurance – If Jesus is with me, then who can be against me..I prayed more vigorously..and in a year’s time..i came to know that she got a baby girl (as she was unable to conceive)..Praise Jesus for His blood seperates us from the Enemy & his people..ALL GLORY & HONOUR TO OUR LIVING GOD!!!

      Seperated by His Blood

    • Those who face or will face simillar attacks should remember that God says in 1Corint letter 12 that those spiritual gifts and powers Gode gives to His people are to be used for whole body – no matter from which Church you are, you can go for help to another Church (because in reality Jesus has only one body here on earth) where is Gods power and gifts more evident than in your Church to get free, BUT where is also sound biblical teaching. So find the Churche where there are testimonies that God did some miracules when they prayed for sick and Go there and ask for prayer, not on a distance (even if that workes also but more efficient is if they pray with hand putting on you and/or anointing you) and the same power of Holy spirit that healed people there, can set you free from demons (some times in seconds, other times in few houers). Many of my friends and me who were in meditations, opressed by demons from those eastern religions were set free in this way. Sometimes it can be a slow process (taking often Lords supper in faith we found fylled us often with clensing power of Holy Spirit). But do not hesitate to go there where presence of God by Holy Spirit makes miraculs to get help. We have seen often how God sat people free when we prayed and such Christians should be somewhere in your country wherever you are and where ever there are Christians who pray to be baptized in Holy Spirit and used with God Spiritual gifts – as 1 Corinth letter 12 talks about (perhaps pentecostal Church ?or Full Gospel Businessman international? In Sweden pastors and evangelists from Baptist Church many years ago had very strong gifts of Holy Spirit with lots of miraculs that God did by using them and setting people free from demonic opression – see Gösta Ömans book Rice Miracle).

    • Thank you so much for sharing. I will try this!! Fasting also helped me. Things in my life started changing. Getting other christians to pray for you and surround yourself with them will also help. Memorize scripture to help fight the lies. Thank you! Love you with the full love of Jesus Christ!

  8. barbie49701 says:

    I will also pray for you. I to feel the same way. I hear people knocking on the walls and on the door. I hear people talking but I know no ones there. It seems the more I study the worse it gets. The harder it’s getting to pray. I want to be faithful but I really don’t know how much more of this I can take either. I will also listen to Shanta and pray and ask Jesus for help. I will pray now. I will also pray for you to!! Please Jesus watch over us all and help us to see the truth. Please lead and guide us Jesus and deliver us from the evil that is tormanting us. Jesus we need you please please help us and save us us from our enemies that are attacking us only allow us to hear the voice of the holy spirit. I thank you for your kindness to us Jesus and I praise you Jesus Amen.

    • Holyroller_11 says:

      These last days,Many are being truly tried and tested,problems come from everrywhere it seems, christians get caught up in the cares of life and dwell on the bad,until depression sets in. The best way to chase this stuff out of the mind is dwell on good things. This is not always easy I know and I don’t try to say it is,but I can say this, soon we will see Jesus coming in the clouds of glory, As for now try to locate a small church with pentecostal teachings,get involved helping them to grow,nothing works better than helping others to get your mind off your problems for a while. Have the elders of the church pray with you and for you and you do the same for others. God is not slack concerning his promises,you will reap if you faint not. Dwelling on end of the world stuff and all the world goverment affairs is not worth the trouble,these things are set and in progress already. That is good news because we will soon be watching satan and his crowd in the hot seat for a change. While he is trying his best to stop Christ from coming,and preparing the world to fight him at the end of the 7 year trib,we’ll be setting back at the marrage supper of the Lamb,pigging out.He knows his days are short,and don’t think he isn’t starting to sweat. The funny thing is,yet he’s suppose to be so smart,had he have let Jesus die of old age there would be no forgiveness for man,oops not so smart after all, no one has lost for the kingdoms sake that will not receive 7 fold. Get in the alters and receive blessings from God,if your church has no alter find another church. At home when your felling down,pick up your bible shake it at the devil and say you couldn’t write a book like this ,begin to read and you will find no better sleeping pill than this.we are children of the King of Kings,shout no one can pluck us out of his hand,NO ONE,

    • SETAPART4GOD says:

      I sprinkle the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST on all here In the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST THE ANNOINTED ONE,THE SON OF GOD.I ask God to send warring angles to encamp round about you In Jesus name.

  9. childofjesus says:

    I could feel the spiritual battle between JESUS and SATAN over you. Most of the believers had to go through this tough battle.Remember JESUS has shed blood for you, went through utmost humiliation and finally died for you, so that you are HIS’s child and not the ENEMY’s. So take courage, fight this battle with JESUS CHRIST who has already won the battle for you.
    It was because of the quest for supernatural things that led you to visit the sites like illumati, freemasonary etc. I thank God that you soon came to know the deception about these sects. Since you have given a chance for SATAN to come into your life, you’re going through all these experiences, of hearing voices, and nightmares.
    I had quite a similar experience, so I request you to start praying to JESUS to reveal you the TRUTH. He has given you the POWER & AUTHORITY in JESUS’s name to get rid of devil and his powers.
    JESUS will not give up, and I request you to come to Him just as you are and see His deliverence!!! The sooner the better..I’ve heard many testimonies who regretted for not asking for help in the initial stage and going through all these torments.
    Remember JESUS is real and SATAN is real, BUT it is only JESUS who loves you and calls you for ETERNAL LIFE!!

    with prayers

    • Isaiah 41 bring forth your Idols did they PREACH to you see they can’t speak they can’t DO ANYTHING all they do is cause confusion. Spalms 115 and Spalms 135 their Idols are FALSE they can’t speak, hear, nor smell and those that make them shall become like them. Jeremiah 10 they nail their Idol down like a scarecrow it can’t move, speak they must be carried these are nothing but the WORK of CON men.
      John 10 Jesus Christ says his sheep HEAR HIS VOICE and if another person TRIES TO PREACH to them they WILL FLEE from him. Jeremiah 5 the priests bear rule on their OWN AUTHORITY what will you do when your judged my word is not INSIDE them. Now here is the kicker john 5 son of man voice goes BACK in TIME.
      Mathew 16 Jesus Christ claims to be the son of man. 1 cor 2 mind of CHRIST preached internally and john 14 says the spirit of truth comes in the future. Ezekiel 13 states lying prophets of ISRAEL say GOD says GOD says but my word is not inside them. They wrote hoping mankind would CONFIRM their WORDS. All of this is EASILY verifiable.
      Mathew 10 says you should hear an internal voice that defends you and tells you what to say when taken to court preached to by the holy ghost. Mathew 12 Jesus states he is preaching by the holy ghost. John 14 states holy ghost comes in future and is from someone else. Now refer back to John 10 about hearing from someone else and fleeing. John 5 states son of mans voice goes back in time. Mathew 16 Jesus claims to be the son of man.
      1 cor 2 holy ghost is familiar with the story about a man on cross from READING about it. Isaiah 65 written in front of me is listed here and also what is not written is hidden from my eyes therefore not familiar with it found in the same chapter. john 7 Jesus says if you knew scripture you’d know if its his word or GODS words. john 12 Jesus admits the voice heard is NOT his. John 10 people point out that Jesus tries to make himself appear to be GOD.

  10. Find a good local church. Speak to the elders/pastor/leaders and even show them the post you left on this site. Ask them to help you to find your way through this. Do not allow an interest in Satan or evil into your life. Concentrate on Jesus and read the gospels. Best read the gospel of John. Take advice from those connected with a good Church.

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