Pakistani Christian girls forced to marry muslims

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN (BosNewsLife) — There was uncertainty Monday, August 27, about the situation of at least two missing Christian children in Pakistan who human rights investigators say have been forced to marry and convert to Islam, the latest in a series of anti-Christian incidents across the country

A marriage certificate for 16-year-old Shamaila Tabassum indicates that the marriage took place 12 days before her disappearance, earlier this month, said Direct News, a Christian news agency investigating reports of persecution.

The news agency cited another certificate which puts the

Koreans beaten for refusing to convert to Islam

Some of the South Korean Christian aid workers held hostage by Afghanistan’s Taliban said they were beaten for refusing to convert to Islam and protecting female captives, a hospital chief said Monday

“We found through medical checks that some male hostages were beaten,” Cha Seung-Gyun told reporters after the 19 freed aid workers — 14 women and five men — underwent examinations at a hospital outside Seoul.

They had returned home Sunday after six weeks in captivity.

“They said they were beaten at first for refusing to take part in Islamic prayers or for rejecting a demand to convert

Protestant Bishop and wife killed in Islamabad Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN : — A Protestant Bishop and his wife were killed in their home in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad on Wednesday night, August 29.

According to Christian Today, Bishop Arif Khan, a Pakistani-American citizen in his 50s, and his American wife Kathleen Khan 45, were found late Wednesday at their home in a residential neighborhood of Islamabad, said Manzoor Hussain, the local police chief.

Pastor kidnapped in Bangalore freed

NEW DELHI, INDIA — Christians on Sunday, August 26, managed to free an evangelical pastor who was kidnapped by Hindu militants in Bangalore, India’s third most populous city, shortly after he was beaten and nearly killed, an official told BosNewsLife.

Pastor Mark Jaikumar, 43, was kidnapped in Bangalore late Saturday, August 25, and “taken in a bus by Hindu radicals who drugged him” before driving him to [the town of] Shakleshpur”, about 130 kilometers (81 miles) from the city, confirmed Sajan George, president of the Bangalore-based Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC), a major advo

Amanpour of CNN sympathises with jihadists, blackens Christians

Friday’s earlier post on CNN’s “God’s Warriors” hinted that CNN and Christiane Amanpour gave Muslim “fundamentalists” in the U.S. sympathetic treatment, while they showed discomfort towards Christian conservatives. The original intention was to give examples of each in that post, but the distinction is so clear and important that it deserves its own separate post.

Bob Knight of MRC’s Culture and Media Institute detailed some examples of Amanpour’s biased treatment of Christian conservatives in his latest column.

Religious Persecution in Uzbekistan

UZBEKISTAN — A small Baptist congregation in Uzbekistan is under fire again from authorities.

The charge is failing to comply with a mandatory registration requirement. The church flock in Khalkabad near Pap in the eastern Namangan Region of Uzbekistan was harassed four years ago for not registering its activities with authorities.

Uzbekistan is in Central Asia, north of Afghanistan.

Local Baptists told Forum 18 News Service that police raided Sunday services on July 29 and August 5.

Child Healed in India

ANDHRA PRADESH, INDIA :– It had almost been a week and Chakrapani and his wife still didn’t know if their one-year-old son would live to see the next day. Fear gripped them every time he would make a whimpering cry—not knowing if that would be his last breath.

One week earlier, while Chakrapani and his wife were outside, their young son mistakenly drank kerosene from a small can in the house. They immediately took him to a hospital, and for three days he was in critical condition.

Iraqi Christians forced to flee – It’s a story that is occurring every day in Iraq: families attacked because of their faith and forced to leave their homes and loved ones.

“I cried when I saw my father beaten. My mom was crying too. The wanted to take our house. They hit my dad,” Farah, an Iraqi child refugee, said.

The United Nations estimates roughly 4 million people have been displaced by sectarian fighting in Iraq.

Forced reconversions to Islam in Bangladesh

DHAKA, Bangladesh, August 21 :– Local Muslims in Nilphamari district and Islamist missionaries from abroad are hauling recently converted Christians to mosques and forcing them to return to Islam, area sources said.

Evangelist and pastor Sanjoy Roy said the Muslims have forced 27 recently baptized Christians to return to Islam. Another 14 recently converts are still facing incessant pressure to return to Islam from villagers and from Muslim missionaries called Tabligh Jamat.

“The Muslims are still threatening us and saying that they will change our faith,” Roy told News.

ACLU scared of muslims, inconsistent

The latest battle of religion in the public square is unfolding in Dearborn, Michigan, a city with one of the highest Muslim populations in the country. At the University of Michigan’s local campus, administrators have recently refitted several school bathrooms to include small footbaths in the corner–an accommodation for Muslim students who must perform ritual washing as part of their daily observance.


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