new life in Christ

Many questions are in the heart and minds of new converts to christ, and getting real answers are harder to come by because the old ways are dying out with the people who know the way. doctrines have been changed or removed,leaving a black hole for the unlearned. I will attemp to answer some questions I feel needs to be answered, 1st salvation is seeking forgiveness from Jesus our lawyer and savior who stands in for our sin. Now unless we are called to repentance by the HolyGhost it is impossible to repent. 2nd most converts after they have asked and recieved salvation,still have the lust of the flesh still inside and stuggle with doing the will of God,or I should say addictions and cravings that cause many to just give up shortly after the new birth. where info on getting free from such is hard to find, people spend years trying to hang on,(or do it themselves) but there is a better way,pray for the removal of the sin nature, a task only done by the HolyGhost and this is supernatural. This will remove addictons,bad habits,and even those gender conflicks.(gay and lesbian) The task of this is to seek until you find,sometimes taking long prayer times . but it is available. After the complete cleansing,then more prayer time is required for the infilling and or sealing of a new creature in Christ Jesus. after these things the HolyGhost will lead you in the way he wants you to go. This is putting on the whole armor of God,and through these steps and experences you will find yourself with a strong testimony and a great threat to the enemies of God. there are those who will disagree,but if one wants to be strong in faith this is the best way.

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