New House Church in Brisbane, Australia

I believe God has led my family and I together with another Christian family to begin a house church in Brisbane, Australia. There is a growing trend towards hosting the meetings of the Body of Christ in private homes. This is the way Christianity first spread, and it will be way in the End Times Church also.

I believe that God wants us to be diligent in seeking him, committed to evangelism outside our comfort zones, and committed to teaching people to do what Jesus taught in the gospels. Its about personal inner transformation as well as zealous missionary outreach.

For more details on this the place to visit will be my new site

We’ve only met a few times and just now we are launching also a weekly prayer meeting. Prayer is the foundation of any serious move of God. If you live in Brisbane and want to pray for revival and awakening, without necessarily being committed to our particular group, you are most welcome to join in.

This site is only just launched and doesn’t have much there yet. But if you are in Brisbane and believe in this kind of thing we would love to hear from you.

UPDATE: After the house church grew to as a maximum of 25 in attendance, and after 6-7 months of meeting, the Lord led people away to other cities and places. We decided that the exercise was over for now, and could be renewed if and when the Lord leads. People were blessed, we had great times in the presence of God, but only when God is leading people together should it continue.

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  1. I was out with friends twice last week with the express purpose of sharing the gospel and praying for the sick. It was a very interesting time. A lot of seed sowing, and one person prayed to receive Christ and seems to be serious about it. Pray for “H.” that he will follow Jesus as he has promised to do.

  2. Himawan Kertonugroho says:

    Support in prayer from us in Indonesia.

    • Please pray that all of us who are going out evangelizing on Saturday night be led to people who would be called by God to be disciples of Jesus Christ one day, hopefully very soon.

  3. By God’s grace we have three families involved in our little house church. We were very excited today as one Japanese lady was baptized in the Holy Spirit for the first time, and her husband also is following hard after God.

    Its a real blessing even these small beginnings. Please pray that the Lord will add to our group. We are out there witnessing in the shopping centres on Thursday night also. Please pray for divine appointments for us.

    • gate007 says:

      Congratulations! To ……The New House Church and everyone in it.

      I speak divine intersections, appointments, meetings. finances, talents and gifts to you and all involved!

      Hey ………John Bevere has been in town. He’s got a new book on honor and reward. Awesome!

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