Does anybody know anything about something called “THE ALPHA COURSE” ?

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  1. michael says:

    The Alpha Course is a video based course on the foundational doctrines of Christianity. It is given by Nicky Gumbel of Holy Trinity Brompton – an Anglican Church. The course is designed to speak to the issues that non-believers generally have about Jesus and Christianity. The course has proven extremely popular around the world and many people have come to faith, or had their faith renewed through paricipating in this course.

    I have been to 3 or 4 Alpha course nights. I’ve never done the entire course. What I did see seemed good. The format of an Alpha Course night is to begin with a shared meal or pot-luck supper. This is followed by the showing of one of roughly video presentations that form part of the course. After that, a kind of guided small group discussion takes place in which all the viewpoints and questions of non-believers are fielded and discussed.

    The Alpha Course being avoids inflammatory issues which have divided Christians over the centuries – things like church government, water baptism and the importance or otherwise of tradition. This has made it possible for some Roman Catholic churches to actually take on the course, which they afterwards supplement with their own diet of traditions. Actually churches from virtually every denomination have participated in this course. At one stage, a few years ago, it seemd like the whole world would end up doing the Alpha Course!

    All in all, the course teaches some really worthwhile and important things which every one would benefit from knowing, answering important questions like “Why Jesus?”, “Can we Trust the Bible?”, “Why did Jesus die?”, “Why go to church?” and things like this. The course also encourages people to be introduced to the Holy Spirit and his gifts at a special Alpha Weekend at the end of the course. So all in all, the course is a positive thing. Of course, there will always be critics and faultfinders who would really wish that doctrines important to them were part of the course, and others might find fault with the extremely high prices that are put on all materials that have anything to do with Alpha. But you know, it takes money to promote something and ultimately God is the judge of the motive of all hearts.

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