Needed continued prayers and encouragement

Some of you have already been praying for me. I am asking that the prayers continue as I continue on my road to make right what I made wrong. I have confessed that I broke the law. I know that god has forgiven me, but I must still pay the price of mans laws. I have been trying to face everything head on and be cooperative. Today I will again meet with the police and my attorney. I want to not just appear to be cooperative, but actually be cooperative, but am struggling mentally trying to remember what exactally took place. I know mental illness could be a cause of this mental block. Both my sister and mother suffer from some form of mental illness. Please pray that I can remember enough to make a plea bargin and restitution, and get on with my healing and restoring whats left of my life. I need to be able to remember to be able to give details and confess to this crime. I know personally I am not strong enough to answer the questions, but with god all things are possible. Please pray that I have the strength to withstand todays questioning. Today I also give of my time to volunteer at a local soup kitchen for those who are in need. I hope to be able to go from police questioning directly to the soup kitchen. I need to remain strong to fulfill this obligation. Please continue to keep me and my family in your prayers. Please pray for peace and comfort for my husband. He has been my physical rock put in place by god. I know he is suffering, and trying to be strong for me. Thank you all for your acceptance and support and not judging, but loving me. May god continue to bless each and everyone of you.


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