Need strength, faith and wisdom.

Michael, I have sent you an email about this but as I wrote it and sent it, I keep thinking about it and I finally reach a conclusion. To other its about a policy in my company that I believe is not according to God’s law. I’m involved with the policy as I’m part of the team that have to execute it.

Anyway I decide to bring this problem to the ex-plant manager who become the company advisor now. I have sent an email to him and waiting for his response. Whatever it is. If the management insist on practicing the policy however I think I will come to my direct supervisor explain it and resign from my current job. I don’t know how I’m going to do it. Resign first and find job later or find new job first and resign after found one.

Please pray for me, that God give me strength, more faith and wisdom so I can deal with this according to His will. I really wish that God will found me abide to His will in every aspect of my life. Please pray so I can stand righteously and keep being humble in His presence, acknowledege all my sins and weakneses. Because I can see that I might fall into arrogancy when I begin puch myself trying to walk according to His law. Its kind of swinging from being too weak to arrogancy.

What do YOU think?



  1. I just received an email from my plant manager, replying my previous email to him questioning the policy that I believe not according to God’s law. He said that he took that decision in order to save the company from people who most of the time try to cheat on the company. Found no other way to protect the company from it he decide that it will be best to take that policy.

    He said he took that risk as a part of his job to decide the best course for the company and ready to take the reponsibility when he have to face God, the time to come. He suggest that I may give that task to other person if it is disturb my conscience. And at the end, he ask me if I have any solution so company don’t need to apply that policy anymore.

    So I replied that I don’t have any practical solution or answer to this problem. Instead I propose him to try, not to apply that policy for certain period of time and then evaluate how the company performs during that period. If the company in overall performance show an improvement then we could try to keep doing that way for another period and evaluation. I’m not sure how he will act now.

    But I would like to pray that my company willing to change that policy. That God will lead my plant manager as he read my email and he will give it a try, hope that God should work and prove that to obey Him is a wisdom far more greater than our own wisdom and logic. I hope your help to pray in this matter.

  2. Christina says:

    Hello Handoko,

    The situation you are faced at your job requires a great amount of strengh to take a stand in the name of God. I am finding much difficulty in providing you with advice on this manner.

    I would just like for you to know that I will pray for you and keep you in my prayers for all that you’ve ask.

    God Bless you and your family,


    • Hi Christina,

      Thankyou very much. Its really encourage me, since I keep worrying about how people will look at me. I mean this practice is not something that so horrible, instead it became quite common that lots of people doing it, despite that everyone is agree that it is wrong.

      I keep thinking myself as a laughstock or judged as hypocrites.

      I keep thinking what should I say if I’m ever confronted with this matter. Sending an email is one thing, talk about it or arguing over it is another thing, I’m not a person known for his ability in communication. I can’t even imagine what should I say as I give my resignation letter if this reach that point, I owe a lot to my supervisor. Once again thankyou very much.

      God bless you too.


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