Need Prayer For My Mom Rebecca – We’ve been battling Demons For Almost 2 Years Since Her Surgery

Hello All,
Thanks for having me here. I’m just going to try and be as brief as possible. My Mother Rebecca had quad surgery in 12/09, and shortly after arriving home, she began seeing more and more spirits without a lower body. And now it’s reached the point where she detests being in the house, especially preparing meals and cleaning up after. When we sit down to eat, she’ll get up and go over and have at it with them. And I bind, loose, cancel all curses, spells, etc. It seems all of screaming, crying, and getting on my knees has not worked yet, but I have to believe that we’re chiseling away just one bit at a time (At least). And I’ve decided that the Lord perhaps has a greater purpose for this, because He surely cares, and perhaps He’s doing a work in both of us. I’ve also anointed all things I’ve been led to anoint in this house with oil. I’ve done so much searching on the web for answers, and very carefully tried to use particular prayers, etc. Mostly after I’ve really gotten into it, Mom will say that she saw a very tall man about 7 feet standing in the family room. She says they always have medium brown robe on. Mom had a terrible time in the hospital. Although the operation seemed to be successful, she had some fierce moments there. Especially in the ICU, where she says that they took her somewhere outside the hospital – Into something like a garage. And that she saw someone take up a little black ball and toss it out. Anyway, this was in a Catholic oriented hospital, not that that’s bad, but after all of the things we’ve had to go through, I’m just trying to cover all the bases while being as Christlike as possible. Anyway, Mom had her best friend pass away during this time, and I hate to say it, but I don’t believe that she was saved. She was always competing with Mom, and trying to out do her in every way. Another thing is about the same time my aunt also passed away, and she and her immediate family were very much at odds and angry about their not getting enough from my Grandmother’s estate. But Mom saw to it that she got even less than they did. These things here are constantly accusing her, and she’s allowing them to affect her with their accusations. I keep telling her to tell them that God is her only judge, and “He who is without sin, cast the first stone. Anyway, she does it sometimes, but forgets. But I do it for her as much as possible. I can’t and never have seen any of these beings, or angels. She seems to be a little angry at the Lord for not already doing something, and I tell her to not do that. Another thing is that I think that the Lord has wanted me to step out of the way and relinquish total control to Him, which has been hard for me to do, but I am willing, and will do anything to help in this. Mom now has an irregular heartbeat along with taking a blood thinner. She had a very small stroke, which has affected her eyesight (But nothing else physically). She won’t admit to not seeing as well as before. She has said that these things will stage something like one of the demons lying down and receiving oxygen. Perhaps they are saying that she lacks oxygen? And she’ll say that they keep bringing in all of these children, elderly people, etc. And I’ll say that they are just demon changing into whatever and whoever, and whatever age they want to to be the most effective they can be, to make my Mom believe the lie of the devil. I tell her that if they can get her to believe their lies, and not God’s word and promises, then…….She just now said that she saw one of them “smooching with a child.” But she wouldn’t take it so hard if she’d just believe that they just acting this stuff out to have an effect on her. Her neurologist wants to try an anti-psychotic drug on her for about a week to see if they’ll go away. He says that this will prove whether or not it’s hallucinatory or really demons. But Mom has already had far more than her share of Tylenol #3 Codeine, Morphine, and Respiradone, which they kept giving her to calm her down. By the way, I was there the whole two weeks every moment I could be at her side. I only went home for one night, which I now regret. She also thinks that she may have been molested at times that I couldn’t be there. Lastly, she says that saw her sister and friends play with a weegy board, but never got involved. And also, my great grandmother and aunts would read the tea leaves, but that she never got involved. But I told her to confess, which I think she has, but still says that wasn’t involved. That leads to another thing that I agree with. I got a word from the Lord not long ago that said that these things here are familiar and or familial spirits. I’ve asked them to please go to the light where they’d be much happier. I’ve even told them that we don’t hate the being – just the sin, and that if there’s a provision of the Lord for demons to convert back to what they once were, I pray that this would happen. The last thing is that I don’t know what was sitting on this property before this house was built. But I will keep on trying as much as possible for my Mom. We just got back from a day of eating out, and being on the run. I just opened the blinds to let in more natural light of the Lord. Mom says that she sees at least 20 or more of these things nearly all the time. But I’m not giving up. I am, however, giving more and more of this up to the Lord. Because the battle is surely His. We must be doing a lot of things right. So’, I will not give up. But I’ve learned that I’ve got to get as much rest as possible, because the days start fast and furious here. But Mom just said, “Victory in Jesus!” Now I’ll surely agree with that. Thanks!

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