Need prayer for financial issues.

I have been unemployed technically since last May when I got out of the prison system. I have worked with a few people through the church, but they were only temporary jobs. It has been about a month since my last job, which only earned me a few hundred dollars. God has blessed me with an unusually consistent amount for this long, however, I know that it won’t last much longer. I have a stack of applications that I am praying over and I wish for you to join me in agreement.

I have applied for a job that was a guaranteed hire, however it fell through so now I’m stuck jobless. I have many people behind me, trying to usher me in, but God has other plans. So I am praying also for direction as to what field I should be going for.

Please keep in mind that I have a criminal record that consists of multiple burglaries and a residential burglary, so I’m really looked down on, especially here in town. Not only this, but my mom and brothers have laid down a very rocky road for me, and while working at my first job here in town a few years back, I left them. So that is also a strike against me.


Thanks Christian-Faith Forums,
Jesse Davis

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  1. I pray that you and your mother and family will find peace and that God will provide for you all. Like you said you need guidance to see in which direction he wants you to go. May be His will is not for you to have lot of financial success now, but to have bread on the table. You are in an excellent position to counsel youth on making the right decisions and also to warn them off sin(being criminal activities) or do to some charity work since you say you might be home a while now. I pray that your path will become clear as day to you.

    • jesseedavis says:

      This is what He wants. He will provide me everything I need, that I am not worried about. It is that I want to give and tithe and help others, but I have nothing to give. I do all that I can elsewhere and am working on some things that are coming up.

      I am also diligently seeking the Lord and His Spirit. I need all that He has for what is coming up in a little while. Thanks again, Tim, for that talk we had. There are still some issues I have, but I think that it is between the Lord and I. He’s the only one that knows my heart and thoughts and can lead me further. I thank God for using you to help me. May you be blessed in all that you do.

  2. jesseedavis says:

    She has left her job about a week ago, which is possibly why the “guaranteed hire” fell through. She is in desperate need of salvation, and she really needs a curse/stronghold broken. She writes erotic novels, and is basically obsessed with sex and “romance,” so I need you all to pray for her salvation.

    I’m not too certain, but from what my dad tells me, she was saved a while back, she even received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and spake in tongues while talking to him on the phone. It is through her faith that he originally came to faith. So according to Hebrews 6, it is impossible for her to come to repentance. However, it is possible that she is merely backslidden and hardened. In which case, it is still possible for her to come to repentance. She may also have had false experiences and never truly was saved. So in any case please pray for her financial situation and more importantly her salvation.

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