Need for deliverance forum!

I think it is a time for putting separate forum about divine healing and deliverance as theology or prophecy.I also suggest to break the site into two three modes

1.Teachings – let them have separate place that will only be for them.It will be easy for somebody to find them. with links provided to every group as it is now. Just separate page/link

2.Forums – I suggest forum to be far from teachings but yet interconnected.That will easy the discussion from mixing with teachings.Let there be a place for sermons(presenting truth) and forums (discussing to reach the truth).Forums are dangerous as they contain links to some sites that may agree on that subject but be poison on another subject concerning Christian faith;that is my point of separation

3.Weblogs(blogs)- I think blogs have to be separate.As example till today I have failed to locate pshrader’s blog.I think there have to be page only listing available blogs

we can learn this separation from Robert L’s sites

Just my views to improve CF site
Ev. Steve

What do YOU think?


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