Nations, Kingdoms and Ideas

Does a Nation stop being a nation because the founding member/members have died?
Have England, America, Canada, and Egypt Stop being these noted countries up today as result of their founding members dying, we already know the answer to this question which is NO. So if these countries still exist and have claims of greatness how much greater is the Kingdom of God on earth, has not our founding member been raised from the dead and is he now alive for evermore.
Has not the origins of Evolution and Materialism been founded by men, have not all these founding members perish or sarcoma to deaf but all of their ideas and thoughts, theories and facts are still being thought until this day.
Has not our saviour conquered deaf, so why his thoughts, his ideas, his facts and his origins can’t be thought freely up until today?
People are trying to silences Christ in today’s world but you can’t silences what you can’t control and persons are trying to stop the progress of the Kingdom of God but how can a man stop what a God has built or set his mind to do.
I will say this also I keep hearing preachers saying that if we as Christian fail to evangelize the word of God the Church and Christianity is one generation away from falling apart our becoming none existent. I want to say this with a humble heart stop speaking a lie, for Christ alone builds his church and the gates of hell shall never prevail over it. His words will never return void, don’t mind what it looks like or sounds like faith in Christ is not dependent on sight or the words of men. If persons in the Church become lazy, Christ will find men/women among sinners to preach his words, remember one thing we all came from sin we were once sinners before we became Christians and there is an abundance of sinners out there for Jesus Christ the saviour of men/women to use from.

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