Name Above All Names

Jesus was given a name above all names. I think this Name is a compound name. According to Isaiah 9:6, Jesus was given the name of God, the name of the Son and the Holy Spirit. “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given………..And He will be called, Wonderful(,) Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
He comes as a child and He is given the name ‘Jesus’….’Yashua’…’Joshua’. It is the Son of God who has come to us. Interesting! He was always in control. For ‘all things hold together in Him’.
In Judges 13:18 ..He replied,’Why do you ask my name seeing it is Wonderful?’ And then Manoah tells his wife that they were going to die for they had seen God.And then in John 15:26 Jesus calls the Spirit, the Counselor.. and He bears that name also. There is also Mighty God which I thinks translates to ‘ El Gibbor’ in Hebrew (but bear with me if I erred), then The Everlasting Father. Prince of Peace; this name is the Son’s. It seems to me like He, the Lord Jesus answers to all the Names of the Trinity.
The question is: What is the significance of the compound name to those who are being saved?

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  1. Kingdom Seeker says:

    The names that The Lord is called by in Isaiah:9:6 are all given in relation to those that are His. Mind you these names apply one at a time. So He is not the Trinity. The progression of these names, ie, from a child right to The Everlasting Father, corresponds with the spiritual progression of a born again person, from an infant to adoption as a son. When one has been adopted as a son, and bearing the stature of Christ, then to such a person Jesus is The Everlasting Father. He is always ahead of men. The government of God is His responsibility and all authority on earth and in heaven has been given to Him. So, then, to different people and at different stages of spiritual development, Jesus acts differently according to the names He is called by. For instance, when disciples are practicing how to utilize kingdom power, like in Matthew 10:1- onwards then to them He is Mighty God.
    When He gives back the kingdom to the Father, among other names, the name Prince of Peace shall apply.
    In all the life of mankind ,there is no peace without Jesus.
    So then Jesus is different ‘things’ to different people at different times!
    Let’s hear your opinion please.

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