Myanmar Orphan becomes Preacher and starts Orphanage

I was born in animist family from Laymyo Dai community in 1985. My grandfather led me into Christianity when I was a child. By this way I spent several years without knowing who God is. I did not realize that I was a sinner before God and need the forgiveness of sin by the Lord Jesus Christ through accepting and believing in Him. In 1990, at the age of five year old, I faced a broken family by divorcing my lovely parent. Then I became a fatherless child along with my sister and brother. God provided step-father in 1995 to look after and support my study while I was in the Middle school boy. After passing class eight, my step-father told me to stop my study due to our family destitute. But God is so gracious to me that my Uncle promised me to support my study in the High school classes.
By the grace of God through the help of many, I completed my Matriculation in 2002. Although I wanted to become a police man but My mother did not allowed me to do that rather she want me to do the ministry of God and study His word. God answered the prayer of my mother in 2004 that my pastor advice me to study the Bible at Bible College. I strongly believed that God called me in His service and granted me a chance to study the Bible through the help of my denomination.

I started my journey to India to study the Bible in 2004 by walking on foot for a week due to financial shortage. After entering the Bible College, there are so many problems and difficulties that came to me such as not having any guardian, cannot speak in English as Myanmar is poor in that. During my College days, on vocation, I used to go to other place to earn money by making charcoal and cutting wood and so on. When I was at work, I came to think of myself that why these things are happening to me. And I make a question to God that “Why I Lord, I came for study your word not for earning?” God spoke to me in still voice that my time is not yet and wait on me. From that moment, I invited Christ to live in me and accepted Him as My Lord and savior in 2005.

God lead me to complete my B.Th course in 2008 and went back to my native village to serve the Lord as an Asst. Pastor in 2009. During my ministry just for one year, I comprehend myself that I need to learn more about God’s word to equip and train up with the scriptures knowledge. Moreover, I came to know the greatest need of my people that there should be an educational program or children home for orphans, fatherless and motherless and started to pray to God for His leading to do that program for His glory.
God open a way for me once again to study My M.Div course in Yangon, Myanmar in 2009 and completed my course in 2011. Right after completing my course I started small ministry called Hope Children Home by faith in God alone. It does not have any partners or friends to support her. I am still praying that let God lead godly women and men to help and share their love to Hope Children Home in order to glorify God’s name.

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