My testimony – Iam from Bangalore

Hi friends, My name is vinay. I am from bangalore, india. Currently iam going through a rough patch in my life. Its such a wonder that we remember our Almighty God, in an instant, only when pain strikes us. Same is the case with me. I came to God, when i was in trouble, prayed and rejoiced in HIM when HE solved my problems and again fell back because of the worldly trials and temptations.

To cut my story short, I moved to Bangalore in May 2011 from Hyderabad, becoz of some personal reasons. I did the stupidest thing ever. I have quit my job without having a new job in hand. But our Almighty God is a wonder working Lord. Though I didnt have a job in hand, I NEVER starved even for a single day. Hallelujah !!!

I prayed to God that I should get a job and he showed a way miraculously.. I cleared all the rounds and just one last round was pending. But one day I got a doubt whether I would really clear that pending round or not. Just on that day, I got a call from that company saying that my salary expectations are high, and I dont stand a chance of a job there. My heart sank. Still I prayed without giving up a hope. On the 3rd day, I prayed with full force and I knew in my heart that I would get THAT job. Miraculously, on the same day, I got a call from that company itself, that my candidature has been re-considered and they would be sending me the offer letter the same day. I prayed and thanked God, but by evening, again the Satan has put a doubt again that I may not be getting the offer. True to my doubts, I didnt get the offer letter that day. They said it would take 2 more days, as the vice president was out of country and 2 days later, i got the news that they hired someone else. This happened on June 27th.

God taught me a lesson that If we pray and believe wholeheartedly, EVERYTHING is possible and even Mountains can move. On June 27th, 2011 I prayed to God with a steadfast faith and I opened my email account to check my emails. To my surprise, I found a mail which was lying in my inbox fromm June 15th onwards, and I havent opened it. When I went through the mail, it was an interview call from a different company. To make things easy, lets call it Company “XYZ”. I forwarded my resume to them, and personally spoke to them over the phone ( after praying, ofcourse šŸ™‚ )!!! They said that they wud get back to me in a day or 2, but nothing happened till June 29th. On June 28th, I prayed to the God and made an agreement with the HolySpirit God at 3:30 PM in the noon, that if he fullfils my wishes 1,2,3.. I would inturn do 3 things for him. Out of those 3 things that I asked for, the first thing that i expected my God to do was give me a job with so and so salary. In turn I promised to give my testimony to every one. I even wrote an agreement copy between me and JESUS CHRIST of NAZARETH, keeping the HOLY SPIRIT as the witness between both of us.

On June29th, I prayed and called up the XYZ company guys. They asked me to come down for an interview in the afternoon at 4 PM. Before going for the interview, i prayed and went. I knew deep down in my heart that God was doing a miracle. I finished the interview by 6PM. Immediately on June 30th morning at 11 AM, I got a call from the manager of the company asking if I can join them on the same day. I was shocked. That was the fastest that i could ever imagine. But the salary that they quoted was not the one that I asked God for. It was way less. But God was testing my patience. I told the management that I am looking for a good hike and trust me, the salary that they quoted second time was THE SAME that i asked God for. All this happened, with out any negotiations. Hallelujah !!!!

God kept his word and gave me the job with the salary that I was looking for. HE was very faithful. But it took me 6 months time to publish the testimony, as I kept giving excuses.

Now that i am in the middle of a new problem, I suddenly remembered God and the promises that I gave him. God plz forgive me for my sins. You know what my condition is. Let me remain faithful to you. You know the problem that Iam going through. Please show me a way to be victorious over my problem. I know you will DEFINITELY DO IT. Amen.
I will definitely publish the wonderful thing that You did in my life, AS SOON AS I Get the solution to my current problem.

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