My testimony

God bless anyone that reads this.. all the glory and honor to our Lord Jesus Christ for his everlasting love

Well my name is Arturo Barrientos from texas. I am 21, about yr half ago i was getting divorced from my wife and i was acting real immature. I started to drink daily and hang out with the wrong crowd. I never did use drugs and i thank God for that but the people i would hang out would just want to drink and party. Well eventualy i moved in with another girl being married and having a little boy. I deep down knew there had to be more to life that just work and partying. I grew up in a house where my parents were christians and we would go to church every sunday but since i never really never looked for God i never had that encounter that confirmed God was real. Well one day me and that girl had been drinking and we were about to go to sleep. When i was turning off the light she started yelling and saying she could see something or someone by the door. I stood up turned on the light and i didnt see anything but she had covered herself with the bed covers, so i went over and when i turned her around she was whispering something and i didnt understand what she was saying. I called my cousin who i knew has been christian for a long time and her husband happens to be a youth leader at church. she couldnt go because her husband had left and she has a little kid too. She just said she would call someone from church so i hung up. The girl then asked me to take her to the couch in the living room so i thought she was ok . so when i laid her down on the couch she starts to punch me and yell at me.. i get freaked out and hold her hands down”in my mind i automatically start thinking to myself(is this really happeningto me?).. she would come back and start asking me “why you hurting me” so i would let her go but she would get me off guard and hit me again.. i began to pray the LORDS PRAYER and she would finish it for me and say amen as she looked around the room and back at me and say”he’s not here”. i got so much goosebumps but i felt it in me the sense of comfort and i would pray and pray over and over JESUS is here and he loves me and i kept praying the LORDS PRAYER and she would get mad.. this was at 3am.. after about 2hrs she seemed to be ok and she told me”God wants u to know that this is the only way that you’ll understand”… we went back to the room cause i thought she was ok so i called my cousin crying and told her everything but the girl was still not herself so my cousin called a brother from church.. i was alone for another 1hr until my wife and mother in law showed up since they were the only ones i could reach and then my aunt showed up and then the brother from church and took about half an hr for God to move in her and for her to accept christ in her life and she threw up and she was her again..

I didnt deserve for God to be there for me but HE was and i thank him everyday for it.. im back with my wife and my kid and i look for God everyday now..

without christ nothing is possible and me not being baptized and drinking and being sexually inmoral i cant understand why God would still look down and me and protect me in that situation..

that girl doesnt remember anything just when she saw that thing and after she came back.. i lost touch with her because of my wife but she understands ..

thats my testimony and how God showed me that he is real and that he protects you..

Whoever reads this… God loves you and he is not just everything he is ALL we have.. look for him with a true heart.. he looks for worshippers in truth and spirit.. God bless you all

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