My Testimonial

Although I´m Bilingual (spanish-english) I´m not a good in writing in english, anyway I try to do the best.
In the 60´s,mostly people were more believer in GOD than nowdays, people were Churches often and generally people were more faithful than today, it´s seems happen worldwide in the Christian world
I was born in that time, When a boy in 7, I had the chance of watch a strange vision, in the morning
at 10 a.m I think, with my father and my brother aside , I watch a rare vision in a Church just in front of me (I have been 30 meters away from the Church) just in the zone where the bells are settle down, I saw this vision, I saw the calvary, ” A crownd with Roman soldiers go first, the spades in their hands, later appears a crowd of Jews people I recognize it because the togas, everyone go discussing something, later almost in the end appears someone with a enormeous cross in his back and someone are wipping his back, all that crown dissapears in the heaven, suddendly the vision ends, my father and my brother dont saw anything, even seems time stopped, I want to tell them to watch this but I cannot even move or talk about this, I been mute, I been very impressed that even dont talk nothing about this for a long time until grew up.

To explain better what I saw, I saw silhouettes of people in the vision in a natural size and very real, even I think in that time that it was a some kind of theater scene of real people but it is not.
Sometimes I think that it appears to me because always I don´t be humble and in that time in ( 7) I was discussing something with my father and watch to heaven in an arrogant way. Also I was thinking that it was something because my own imagination, I “invented” the vision when a boy. But in 28, when the Church was repaired in the same place where the vision appears, the workers in there (when work) only can seen the silhouettes, the workers silhoettes is only what you can see in the top inside of the Church. It is explained because the position of the sun in front of the church in the mornings.
When I saw it again I think “maybe what a saw when a boy was real and GOD exist” Nowdays I think that it was a real vision and this is my testimonial,
and why happen it to me? I don´t know. (sorry my bad english)

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